Imagine That

Imagine That

A financial executive who can't stop his career downspiral is invited into his daughter's imaginary world, where solutions to his problems await.

Like many busy professionals, Evan Danielson focuses on careers and spends less time with his daughter. His business is getting worse. But when Olivia introduces her father to her fantasy world, Evan realizes the wonders of the world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Imagine That torrent reviews

David B (ag) wrote: James really out did himself with his own movie based on his own show it's funny and has some of the best cameo's from other critics and the best review of a crappy game.

Gerry R (gb) wrote: Besides the awful pessimistic thesis this film puts forward, that a 34 year old recovering addict has no chance of ever having a good life, I found the film itself irredeemably bleak. Not that I need a happy ending, to be sure, but this seemed little more than a very sad documentary.

Nisha K (fr) wrote: Good story with lots of potential, but they totally screwed up the execution. It started off pretty good and became psychotic by the end.

Yvonne D (ru) wrote: This is brilliant - a really lovely story with incredible scenery.The main monk is a very heart-warming character. Thought we would see more of the Dalai Lama but this scene was very short - this is my only negative from this film. I would love to see the sequel on how the little Lama is developing.

Yiwen F (fr) wrote: a film that tries to make Paris, Je T'Aime into NY style. If it were completely Americanized just like New York pizza I'd say it's not giving it all. Reservation is not what NY is about. Very very interesting segments but still feel like parts of NY is missing.

MF J (us) wrote: A very beautiful period drama with an amazing cast & an excellent story. Good film.

Aael G (ru) wrote: Why did they have to kill of johnny

Ian W (de) wrote: I think I preferred this to the original. It certainly had more character development and it was nice to see Johnny 5 show his more sinister side. Unsurprisingly this franchise is in the process of a remake.

Amelia T (au) wrote: Such a spark between the two characters ! Hepburn's even more charming here than in her other films.

James M (fr) wrote: A series of comedy sketches from the Carry On team. Some are funnier than others.

Josh K (jp) wrote: They should change the title to "Last Man Staying Awake."