Imitation General

Imitation General

Military comedy about a World War II soldier (Glenn Ford) who thinks life will be easier if he assumes the identity of a deceased general.

Master Sgt. "Murph" Savage impersonates a fallen general in the hope of inspiring his fellow soldiers to bravely fight their way out of a Nazi ensnarement. He might succeed if he can avoid ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Esther K (jp) wrote: Actually a very good movie. Not excessively inappropriate as trailers might suggest!

Melanie b (br) wrote: enjoyable movie to watch. I didn't expect it to be Oscar worthy, and a movie can still be fun to watch even if it's not. I liked that it had a faith based message, but that's not what the whole theme was about. it's about the real life of women who are mothers and the craziness of life struggles, sprinkled with a Christian message. I also liked that the music didn't have to be Christian musicians. I feel like some Christians think any "secular" music is evil, and I just don't think that's true. there's lots of beautiful music that we all can relate to about love and life in general .

Brett C (us) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:Parkland is about three stories that are connected to the Kennedy assassination.The film's plot definitely sounds interesting, as it allows the audience to gain a better insight into the day of the murder, showing us the other players involved in the horrible event and how it has affected them. I am not an expert on the Kennedy assassination, but I also am not an ignorant; I know the key players involved in the event and I have a rough idea on what happened to the president but I do lack the understanding and knowledge of how it has impacted the nation. So in watching this, I wanted to learn more, I wanted the film to show me something that I don't already know. In a way that is what I got, it definitely showed me perspectives of the story that I have yet seen or read about, but it was executed in such a poor way. The film's three stories were injected with such high levels of melodrama that all of its objective qualities have been smeared and blurred; director Peter Landesman instead placed all of its power on the film's "emotions". This approach would have been better if he was handling a fictitious story, as that way we are able to come into the film with a clearer mindset. The film is filled with so much cringe worthy dialogue that I found it difficult to care for whatever it is that is happening in the film. Landesman clearly wants us to care about its characters, but how can we when he doesn't even give us anything more than what is already clear on the surface. The only story where I feel Landesman has succeeded in keeping me engaged and caring for the characters is Abraham Zapruder's story about the video he captured of the assassination, because the film was able to go beyond of the story's objective, it was able to explore the emotions of the character, showing us how this event has changed his life forever.The film features a documentary style of photography, utilising the hand held style in order to have its audience transported to the day of the event, like as if we are seeing these stories first hand. Sometimes this method worked for me, other times it didn't. When it did work, tension was elevated and emotional moments hit right on the mark. When they don't, it highlights the film's faults which make it difficult for me to give the film the slightest bit of care. The film's score was, like the photography, so-so. There are moments where it comes off effective, while other moments it simply comes off as manipulative and tiresome.The film features a number of great actors that delivered forgettable performances, and it is such a shame because I truly thought this was going to at least win me over in the film's acting department. The only actor in this film that stood out and maintained throughout an effective performance is Paul Giamatti as he was able to transmit that pain and heartbreak that a human would have felt during that event. Everyone in this film that tries to do this, instead came off as frustrating as just because you shed a tear doesn't necessarily mean it makes your performance better. Zac Efron was severely miscast in this film, his face is way too youthful to be appropriate for the role; I think if he was instead replaced by Tom Welling, who played one of the agents, then it would have been more convincing.Parkland tries to show or tell us something new but fails to have us care for any of it due to its intense focus on amplifying its emotions. I suggest skipping this as it most likely won't change or add to anyone's perspective of the event.

Eric H (kr) wrote: All in all, this is a film that had a good idea to make a sports movie about rowers, like Varsity Blues, but fails to translate that passion into the script or up to the screen.

Christopher B (it) wrote: Really creative, enjoyed this as a horror fan.

Frank Santos C (it) wrote: Screw Home Alone! This is the real Home Alone. I must be sick, cause i laughed my ass off in the violent scenes.

Nick D (us) wrote: Pretty impressive for an actor's first film as director. The feel of the family in that house was deftly evoked. And I really liked the central conceit of the film. The kid was really good.It was the scriptwriting, particularly the plotting, that seemed inexperienced. Despite the film only being 1hr25, it felt like a one-hour TV drama stretched out. Too many of the scenes with Abel playing father were too similar. I was asked to wryly chuckle too many times. Its excursion into Oedipal territory didn't really go anywhere.Interesting that it was such a huge hit in Mexico - it obviously has a lot of local resonance.

Joseph K (de) wrote: 4,,,,,,,...(TM)n NJ f jdjdjjffjjfdkdj I 29 r

Titus I (ag) wrote: Spoiler warning. Katt ends up with his co-worker. There, now you don't have to watch this crap. This movie is so bad, I recommend you watch it. Just so you can laugh at the messed up audio here and there, the blurred out Laker jersey, Clippers shirt, credit card logos...crap, I thought part of the pickle was blurred out for a second but it was really the cash register. Oh, how about the rental cars? They could have at least taken the rental tag off of the keys.

Mike K (it) wrote: Penelope Cruz topless gives it the last 1/2 star

Austin G (au) wrote: Don't listen to the Critics Consensus. It's supposed to be a feel-good movie at the end, and it delivers.

Kieran F (mx) wrote: Considering it's a Midequell more so then a a true sequel it's not really that interesting..To be honest I look at Bambi 2 more as a "What happened to X" story then a true sequel and thusly I can't really recommend it for a lot of viewers.Fans of the original MIGHT enjoy it . but It's really aimed more a Children and..really isn't that great for them(although lighter in mood) it's not as entertaining or well drawn as the first and thusly I'f say a skipper for fans of the original.

Ellen G (ca) wrote: De skal ha ren for at de brukte virkelige haifilmer og ikke data animert hai. Og syntes de hadde klart klippe haien inn bde her og der ganske s bra. Ellers s vet man hva man fr...

Lisa M (ag) wrote: I loved Jim Carrey in this film he actually makes his alter ego come out!!

John J (ag) wrote: Didn't catch this one...

Ryan C (it) wrote: "Billy Madison" is another immature movie with a few good laughs scattered throughout as Adam Sandler is sent back to school and must re-do every grade in order to take over the family business.

Nate A (nl) wrote: Movie is good, the book is better.