Imitation Of Life

Imitation Of Life

Lora Meredith, a white single mother who dreams of being on Broadway, has a chance encounter with Annie Johnson, a black widow. Annie becomes the caretaker of Lora's daughter, Suzie, while Lora pursues her stage career. Both women deal with the difficulties of motherhood: Lora's thirst for fame threatens her relationship with Suzie, while Annie's light-skinned daughter, Sarah Jane, struggles with her African-American identity.

Since the husband';s death, Bea Pullman and her daughter Jessie have had a difficult time making ends meet. Delilah Johnson agrees to be the housekeeper of Bea in exchange for a place for her and her daughter Peola. Bea has a plan to marketing the cake recipe of Delilah.  Both become rich soon and then over the years, their friendship is more close. However, their relationship with their daughters become strained. Ashamed of her mother, Peola seeks a new life by coming to the whites land. Bea';s love for her daughter is challenged when she and Jessie love with the same man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason F (it) wrote: I counting sheep doesn't work and you are all out of ambien try this documentary.

Alexandre B (ag) wrote: Pas le plus original des films

Robert F (kr) wrote: How can this ever exist

Timm S (gb) wrote: I a didn't Mind It. Wasn't Sure Of How The Themes Were Trying To Come Together But Guy Pierce Just Acts His Part SomWell He Holds The Story Being Told Together...But It Need Some Better Pacing As It Gets Boring.

Samantha K (br) wrote: Adored it. Caught it on IFC late at night, as is how I see most of my movies, and fell in love with movie. It's just the right about of adorable without making me want to puke, but mostly it is strange and bizarrely beautiful. There is really nothing average about this story. Love.

Glenn C (de) wrote: Bruno Mattei is known to film nerds as a maestro of schlock. His movies are exploitative, violent and poorly acted... Over the years fans have celebrated his poorly made b-movies to the point of considering them high art. In 1995 he made a movie that was marketed to the world as Jaws 5. Of course it is NOT a sequel to any of the Jaws movies and with the threat of legal action the title was changed to Cruel Jaws. It's basically a rehash the first Jaws movie.,, but with titties, amateur actors and lots of gore. There's even a Hulk Hogan wannabe!!! A tiger shark is on the loose, ripping swimmers apart and the local sherif teams up with a shark expert to hunt and kill it (sound familiar?). This movie is HILARIOUS. My step son is obsessed with the Jaws movies and as a joke I thought I would buy this one for him. Of course I had to watch it first to make sure it was suitable... my verdict is that the acting in this is not suitable for ANYONE! LOL... well, perhaps it's perfect for a drunk movie night with friends. I would love to see the script because these actors deliver their lines like there's an exclamation mark at the end of every one. Cruel Jaws; file it in the "WTF?" basket!

Melian D (ag) wrote: I really want to see this! I hear it's excellent.

Panta O (us) wrote: This crime drama directed by Trevor White and written by White and Lane Shadgett stars very fresh and invigorating young star Spencer Lofranco in the main role. The film relates the true story of James Burns which manages to attract the stars like Mary-Louise Parker (as a desperate single mom), James Woods (as a hard-nosed warden) and Ving Rhames (as a convicted murderer/mentor) in supporting roles. Good acting is something to be remembered in this movie, the rest was, pretty much, average. First-time feature writer-director Trevor White has shaped the rise, fall and redemption of teenage street thug into parallel storylines, crosscutting between the three years leading up to his incarceration and the few months he spends in maximum-security prison (after four years in juvenile). His way of directing wasn't bad at all, but some of the decision to narrate more than to show, were poorly made. Screenplay dialogue is one of the weak points, and the story itself is a formulaic tale of redemption which would not bore you... or excite you either. But the acting was on a different level! Mary-Louise Parker was almost ready to give up acting, but decided to stick with it ... and the role in the Jamesy Boy could earn her award, I think. Cinematography was standardly good, music was outstanding in parts of the movie, as well as the camera work. If you have some time to "kill", try with this one. Not as bad as the critics want you to believe.

JohnnyLee T (mx) wrote: Stay with this. I misjudged it before it really got started. Michael Caton is brilliant. And very few Australian movies have so many indigenous characters or tackle racism. Will cab-driver Rex learn life's lessons before it's too late? The Outback settings are a bonus - most effective since Priscilla Queen of the Desert.