After losing his job at a publishing firm, Immanuel (Mammootty) joins a private insurance company, where he struggles to meet targets. Soon he is exposed to the ruthless inner workings of his new company, which follows various unethical practices and denies several of his clients' claims on flimsy grounds.

Immanuel works for a publishing house that is counting its days. The publishing house is owned by Joseph, whom Immanuel treats like his father. Debts force Joseph to leave behind his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mani B (fr) wrote: What is going on with this?? I really thought this would be like the Dark Knight Returns animation. How wrong I was!! Animation?? Yes, that is brilliant! Storyline?? AWFUL!! You must avoid this one!!

Martin v (ru) wrote: Zucht, wat een film zeg. Opzicht wel leuk, ik heb hem afgekeken maar zeker geen top filmje. Drie sterren.

Frdric H (br) wrote: seems like a documentary with nothing much to offer except tell a story of a massacre

Jayakrishnan R (br) wrote: Boring, Mark Wahlberg and much much more

Chucky (fr) wrote: April 12th 2010January 26th 2012October 13th 2013...

Mallard S (ru) wrote: quel film angoissant!Bien aprs faux semblant, 1 de mes films cultes pendant des annes je n'ai regrett qu'une seule chose: que ce soit fini!

Luke B (mx) wrote: An excellent idea is given a beautifully surreal tone. Tomie is a sort of demon that starts life as a head. The head is cared and fed for before becoming a full human again. The film can become rather confusing at times, as it jumps between Tomie's resurrection and Tsukiko trying to recall her repressed memories. The film takes on lust as it's major theme, and shows the pointless and destructive nature it can awaken in people. It also manages to have a sly sense of humour. The music was the most memorable part for me, the songs sounded familiar but also came across as warped and eerie. Bizarre and very dream like, this is an effective spooky tale (it's not exactly a horror), which manages to overcome most of it's budgets constraints.

Katie D (us) wrote: The epitome of chick flicks. Perkins is fantastic, Paltrow is wonderfully naive.

Jonny C (br) wrote: Great movie with fantastic performances from both of the leads.

Jeffrey M (kr) wrote: Kenneth Branagh's attempt in at romance noir culminated in Dead Again, a bizarre, lackluster, and increasingly dumb affair. To be sure, I love good film noir, and Dead Again has its moments. This is especially notable at the start of the film, having a good atmospheric set up, and a certain stylistic touch to the dialogue that I appreciated. As the film progressed, however, it got increasingly melodramatic to the point of almost being self parody. The existence of supernatural 'themes' is not an excuse for a profoundly dumb third act, with motifs about as subtle as the film's climax (an apartment decorated with pictures of scissors, for example). An overall misguided and disappointing entry by Branagh.2/5 Stars

Darrell W (fr) wrote: Harris spankin Play during the credits was hilarious

Stephanie G (ru) wrote: Takes me back to my childhood

Niklas B (gb) wrote: One of the best films from the first decade of 2000 and a fine chase between two of the finest actors.

Ryan S (br) wrote: 4/5. A very strange and awkward movie that is absolutely hilarious.