Immediate Disaster

Immediate Disaster

Tonight, first contact will be made! A beautifully-crafted tale of a superior being from Venus who has the power of life and death at his touch. Academy Award-winning actress Patricia ...

Tonight, first contact will be made! A beautifully-crafted tale of a superior being from Venus who has the power of life and death at his touch. Academy Award-winning actress Patricia ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin M (jp) wrote: Funnier than the first, this is the comedy group for the country boy and girl all over America.

Risa C (us) wrote: good movie, i kept going back and forth between who were the bad guy and who were the good guys. i liked the ending cause they finally ended up together!

David B (nl) wrote: Well, well. This was labeled as a Hostel rip off when it came out. Yeah, sure it mixes porn with torture (more porn than Hostel), tourists on holiday in a foreign country (this time in asia), good looking women (um, not as sweet as Hostel tho) and a unique location (porn, but despite those comparisons this couldn't have felt more different. Maybe it was the low-budget production values that made it feel the way it did as it most definitely looked a lot cheaper than Hostel. okay, enough comparisons. Live Feed sees 2 best mates accompanied by their girlfriends in Asia exploring some Food Market which is actually the Richmond Food Market in Canada somewhere, but it had me convinced they where in asia. After expressing their disapproval to a butcher who is chopping up a small dog alive and a brief scuffle with him that followed they leave to a pub where they get into another scuffle, but this time with some important mafia dudes. They leave the bar right away and come to a porn theatre, so decide to waste some time inside. Little do they know those mafia dudes own the place and use it as a, I guess you can call, a human Abattoir with porn playing on the tv sets and hidden cameras filming their every move. There is a lot of gore, but unfortunately not much tension is built up. Although when the gigantic killer appears I found my hands slowly rising to cover my eyes. He is gigantic. The lack of suspense could be due to the independent feel of the film, but mainly due to the Director/Writers philosophy on film making where he disapproves of the 'less is more' motto in film making. He actually thinks it is bull shit. He is all for more and it shows with the amount of gore and nudity on display. His philosophy is only proven in his next film GUTTERBALLS which is a step up in almost everything Live Feed has to offer. Oh and it is a complete slasher flick unlike this one. Despite the annoying fact that this has been labeled as a HOSTEL rip off, it deserves to be seen.

Jamie B (fr) wrote: good story, stupid ending. didn't catch the first third.

Nain C (it) wrote: G 1/4zeldi. biraz kopuktu, hikaye seni tam olarak iine almyor ama sonunu getirmeye deiyor.

Chris A (us) wrote: A solid cast and editing that captures the criminal atmosphere quite well. Unfortunately, the plot falls into a fairly generic "heist" formula.

Greg W (jp) wrote: good tale of a cop in mexico city from the director of the original 'repo man' also year s/b 1991not 1993

mandy m (mx) wrote: Jodi, bens and my favourite movie as a child

peter h (fr) wrote: PAINT YOUR WAGON [1969]; to all you SIMPSONS fans remember the start of that episode where Bart and Homer rent a western from the video store with Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood titled Paint Your Wagon only to be horrified when it turns out to be a musical, funny joke right? Yeah if you think that was a joke THEY WEREN'T KIDDING!!!!! Paint Your Wagon is a real "Western" where you actually see Marvin and Eastwood trying to sing a fair few songs. Plot: Ben Rumson (Marvin) and his Partner (Eastwood) sing, drink and dig while stating- their- claim in the gold rush days of California in the 1840's in No Name City. The biggest problem facing the men are facing is the lack of women in the town. So Ben gets married to a divorced Mormon Woman while the partner starts to fall in love with Ben's wife. Aside from the decent performances by Marvin and Eastwood, nothing else works in this poorly written Musical. And of all things Marvin turned down the role of Pike in Sam Peckinpah's THE WILD BUNCH [1969] to star in this film, so at the end of the day which role would have been more memorable for Marvin, this film or THE WILD BUNCH? It's easy to answer that one. My rating for PAINT YOUR WAGON is a puny 50%.

Natalie M (br) wrote: Sophia Loren is absolutely amazing in this story of a mother and daughter in Italy during World War II.

Jeremy S (fr) wrote: My favorite Hope movie with THe Princess and the Pirate classic piece and a great story as well

Mohammed A (kr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Steve D (mx) wrote: The most depressing movie ever. Everyone is either miserable or dead by the end of it