Immediate Family

Immediate Family

Linda and Michael, married for ten years, desperately want a baby and turn to an adoption agency which introduces them to Lucy, a teenage girl expecting her first baby. The three agree that Linda and Michael will adopt Lucy's baby and that Lucy will sign away custody. Things don't go quite to plan however..

Linda and Michael, married for ten years, desperately want a baby and turn to an adoption agency which introduces them to Lucy, a teenage girl expecting her first baby. The three agree that... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Noah W (es) wrote: Ok before I go into detail, I did not watch this movie by choice, this was a film shown to me in a U. S. History summer school class, the teachers intention was to teach about women's right but in the end this movie taught me how to NOT make a women's rights movie. God this movie was so lousy, it actually pissed me and my friend off that we were watching this sh*t. Everything about this film was a pure atrocity from its horrible directing to its poor acting to its painful editing to its unbearable music choices. There was literally a sequence with a women's rights protest that featured rock music when rock music wasn't even invented at the time. It also seemed hypocritical that the whole film was trying to prove women deserve rights yet every female character in this movie ( the protagonist in particular ) was portrayed as inferior and stupid. Overall, this was one of the worst movies ever made. I'm shocked HBO let them make this!1/10

Mohammed A (au) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Kenny N (kr) wrote: No stars. I'm not a fan of Mariah Carey's voice, so I knew right away this movie was not for me. But after hearing it trashed so viciously by everyone, I had to see for myself. Now that it's 16 years later, some critics, presumably Mariah Carey fans, say that this movie was treated too harshly and we should reevaluate it. I did. It was horrible then, and somehow got even more horrible with time. Now even Mariah Carey has disowned it. If the person on the cover of the DVD doesn't like the movie she's in, why should you?

Eliabeth M (jp) wrote: A little gory but awesome Halloween movie!

Peter A (es) wrote: one more example of good standup gone bad feature film. Dangerfield has done worse, though.

Samantha D (au) wrote: kind of corny, but that's me

Robert R (nl) wrote: Jet Li, Tony Leung, Donnie Yen, and Maggie Cheung team up in Zhang Yimou's fancifully endearing tribute to the mythical kennels hidden within Chinese history. "Hero's" narrative might be hard to follow at times, but its beautifully choreographed fight scenes sure aren't. Yimou's brilliant use of color and stylized photography helps the audience sit back and enjoy this ride for what it is - pure entertainment.

Raphael G (ru) wrote: Beautiful photofraphy, and good acting. But at some point it feels like the movie should've ended already, or at least I felt tired of the plot twists, even if they were interesting ones in theory. Anyway, good one!

Brian C (au) wrote: Mortal Kombat is a guilty pleasure for sure. The story is OK, the acting is hammy and very over-the-top, and so packed full of silly jokes, and in-references that it is a joy to watch.Don't expect Citizen Kane with this.

Kelly w (ca) wrote: joe pesci is his usual self but gets his just deserve at the end.

Todd S (es) wrote: Unless like me, you are a die hard Samuel L. Jackson fan, this is a film that probably fell way under your radar. Unthinkable begs the question of just how far The United States government is willing to go when the tables are reversed. A former military intelligence officer has planted three nuclear devices in three U.S. cities. He sends a tape to the FBI, proving his claim, and is then quickly captured by the military. The FBI and military question the man, but as time starts winding down, the military calls in a man simply known has H (Jackson), to extract the information any way he can. While this direct-to-video released received almost no attention, Samuel L. Jackson is really amazing as this hardened man, torn between what he must do and what is right. Jackson is paired with Carrie-Ann Moss, who has the exact dilemma as H, but decides to take the opposing position. While she wasn't bad, it's very hard to picture Moss as an FBI agent, even as you're watching this film. Unthinkable is one of these films that presents itself as a question to the audience. When it comes right down to it, how different are we from our enemies? It also asked the question of whether or not torture works. Human rights organizations say no, Dick Cheney says yes, my advice, watch this film and decide for yourself. Samuel L. Jackson is terrific and there is a big twist in the end. It's not a unique or unpredictable film, but it does pose some important questions, that you may answer differently after seeing the film.