Immigrants (L.A. Dolce Vita)

Immigrants (L.A. Dolce Vita)

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Joska, a Hungarian immigrant in Los Angeles is sharing an apartment with the Russian Vladislav. In their search for the "American Dream" they get into all kinds of troubles, wild adventures... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Immigrants (L.A. Dolce Vita) torrent reviews

Alfin N (mx) wrote: It's 'a space' odyssey-esque comedy with an awful waste of sushi.Replacing black monolith, here are the mysterious rubber phallic objects! You'll never see another movie like this. XD

Ibraheem M (br) wrote: Has an interesting premise but the rest is a series of uncomfortable situations the main protagonist encounters where every situation ends before it even starts, failing to provoke laughter or entertainment.

Private U (jp) wrote: Horrible. I'm actually somewhat ashamed to say I've seen this movie.

Drew G (au) wrote: Rented this on a whim. Big mistake. Looked like it was made for TV like 10 years ago. It's sad because Donnie Wahlberg is such a good actor. Why can't he ever get any good roles?

JeanAntoine B (ru) wrote: An emotional movie with a lot of flashbacks. We learn the story in a different way in order to feel the pain of the mother the children and the hsuband's best friend. It was pretty good and very sad in some parts

Lily Z (kr) wrote: Brought the memories of my past and great story with beautiful music.

Lester Y (de) wrote: One of the worst movies I've ever seen. No shit. An embarrassment to Horror so filled with cliches you will quite literally vomit.

Brian I (es) wrote: one of my,if not favorite holiday movie

Atle L (ru) wrote: Elephants.. behaving as humans? This sucked. Wild animals should be wild animals. Just take a look at one of the Disney classics. Disney was able to create movies with wild animals, but Babar.. No.. It disappointed me.

Sophie B (es) wrote: A decent science fiction that makes you wonder what these industries get up to when things don't go their way, however it's not well executed and ends up running far too long with far too many 'coincidences'.

Knox M (au) wrote: This movie is for teenage hippies who listen to 21 Pilots to fill their self-inflated depression.

Daniel P (ca) wrote: The first Yakuza film I've ever seen, and for me, a real eye-opener. I love movies about trying to leave a life of crime behind, and I really enjoyed this one and got behind the hero, Tetsu. If you're a Tarantino fan, watching this (or other Suzuki films) will put his work (particularly the Kill Bill films) into proper context. Exotic music, insanely bright colours, and as far as I'm aware, the earliest instance in my viewing history of the supered-on-the-screen text that we're seeing more and more in North American films, too. A window into 60s Japanese pop culture, and like nothing I've ever seen before.

Ray J (us) wrote: I enjoyed this one; it was a real "picnic" of a winner. Nice story, music and the performances were top notch.

Tyler R (kr) wrote: This movie was awful. The acting and script were some of the worst I've ever seen and actually made me laugh at how bad it was. The actual running parts were ok but the stupid plot with moronic characters ruined the movie overall.

Rick F (es) wrote: cheesy & cornball... in the best way