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Three erotic tales: The first film features Marina Pierro as a woman who inspires more than just creativity in the minds and loins of the men of ancient Rome. In the second offering, a ...

The first episode – featuring frequent Borowczyk muse Marina Pierro – is the longest and, in a way, most substantial: it’s set in Renaissance Rome, with the lusty (and perpetually nude) leading lady sexually involved with famous painters and church benefactors. The second episode is the most notorious and, consequently, gave the film its controversial poster – featuring a rabbit slowly disappearing under the skirt of a teenage girl (played by Gaelle Legrand). The third and final episode, which has a modern-day setting, is the shortest – but also, possibly, the most outrageous: Pascale Christophe is a young married woman who’s abducted on a busy Parisian street by a small-time hood hidden inside a cardboard box! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Jonathan G (au) wrote: Well where do I begin the directing is horrible the actor is laughable at times the film does suffer from trying to be the same of the original have all the same big moments the film at times seems to fight with itself on what it wants to be overall I don't recommend you check it out

Guilherme N (it) wrote: Not the best of Scorsese, but still an incredible, surprising, delicate, and baroque movie

Stefan C (it) wrote: Interesting ideas. Very dated now of course. Keanu comes across as very wooden at times (except his hilarious outburst) but that actually helps the story I think. Ice T is crowbarred into the film as was the fashion at the time (insert tank girl joke here) but thankfully he doesn't harm the movie too much. In general the movie is a bastard son of the Matrix and Bladerunner.

Michael W (es) wrote: Arcade-game inspired nonsense about rival factions in New Angeles seeking to unite two halves of mystical ancient medallion. The Lee Brothers aren't even of the same ethnicity. As bad as it gets; even worse than the MORTAL KOMBAT films.

Sonny P (fr) wrote: Lucio Fulci is the king. but this movie was not so good =/

Denise A (au) wrote: Oh, I love this movie. I remember it as a kid! It's been a long time since I've see it though. Wish it was released on DVD but I guess I'll just have to wait.

scott g (fr) wrote: Some over the top moments( the shouting match at pier hanger towards end is a classic headache, but fun, 80s through and through, with a passable dudecop performance from Bridges, its just enjoyable 80s nostalgia, first time seeing it now. Andy Garcia is a laughable bad guy early in career, but Rosanna Arquette looks hot as hell, she always was. dont think to much and put your 80s head on, its passable fluff

Alex S (ag) wrote: Early Scorsese film which is not one of his best, but a interesting Roger Corman produced Bonnie and Clyde style exploitation flick which shows some of Scorsese's style that you would see more in his next flick after this, Mean Streets.

lucy w (fr) wrote: A reserved and world-weary anti-hero, with some secrets behind his back? Check.Gorgeous women as lethal as their incredible beauty? Check.A shady villain mixed into some shady business? Check.One treachery after another, until you don't know who's deceiving who? Check."Out of the Past" must be the title that immediately appears in movie filmmaking books about film noir and one can easily understand why. Jacques Torneur's expert direction of light and shadows perfectly captures the mood of this film genre; and the doomed characters can almost be considered as the ideal stereotypes of any film noir. But most important of all, "Out of the Past" is an excellent picture, dark, complex, a classic on its own right, nevermind to which film genre it belongs to.

Panta O (ag) wrote: This is very well made Spanish-American co-production directed by Emilio Aragon about a man (Robert Duvall) and his grandson (Jeremy Irvine). Written by Bill Wittliff, it will please you, or disappoint you - depends what were you expecting. I expected nothing, and I got a warm family action drama which has every possible clich packed in it. And I had to enjoy it, because those clichs were simply adorable!The story of Red Bovie, a old guy who is forced to abandon his ranch and land in Texas, but is refusing to become complacent in his old age was something I really liked. Even when he discovers that he has a grandson, nothing stops him. He hops in his Cadillac, and hightails it to Mexico. They begin a journey with a frenzied stop in a Mexican town where they meet Patty, who sees in them the hope for a better life. Along the way, there are plenty of shady men to keep the adventure going!Robert Duvall is the centre of the movie with his amazing ability to attract with acting skills even in his old age. Every moment is simply filled with him, even when he is not on screen, and I can only thank Emilio Aragn for letting that happen! Enjoyable, entertaining, exceptional acting!

Sam l (es) wrote: Donatemtoeverythingisterriblerightnowtodayorelseyoudieforeverineternalpitoffirehurryupbeforeyoudietheclockisticking.

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