When three men learn an ancient secret for immortality, one defects to use it for evil. The other two must stop him before he lures their loved ones into a path of destruction. Set against the backdrops of small-town America, with a blend of vintage, 1980s Hong Kong action aesthetics, Immortal is a genre-blending, eccentric, supernatural thriller.

When three men learn an ancient secret for immortality, one defects to use it for evil. The other two must stop him before he lures their loved ones into a path of destruction. Set against ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ruby N (nl) wrote: Good sequel. But could have been better. We shall see how it ends.

Allan C (es) wrote: the movie is alright... lots of laughs...

Niraj V (gb) wrote: What can I say about this one that would make you want to go and see it.......Well, the story is the usual one, boy and girl. Boy wants girl, screws it up a bit, tries to redeem himself, suffers some pain, and gets the girl in the end.Though directed by Pradeep Sarkar, a Parineeta this is not!!A few logical inconsistencies in the story, but I guess this is hindi masala cinema so anything can happen (Deepika is hit by the car and flung in the air but lands uo with only blindness and no bony injury at all!!!!!)As far as the performances go, Deepika Padukone is a natural, she really shines in the role of a street smart girl and Neil Nitin Mukesh is very effective as well.The rpoblem is that this movie will do nothing for either ones careers as its a bit of a turkey and so their performances will be dismissed.The music is nothing special and the roller skating scenes are mainly photoshopped (or is it movieshopped!!!) and its quite obvious that they are.Overall, its a one time watch if you have nothing better to do with your time. Might be more cost effective to wait for the DVD.......

Audrie D (gb) wrote: The tear-jerking effects of Charlie St. Cloud.A decent romantic movie will fill you with emotion and hook you with the slightest bit of display. The movie Charlie St. Cloud creates an intro that instantly grasp your attention and fills you with the desire and urge to continue watching. The tear jerking event that occurs in the beginning of the movie drags the mood down just to quickly raise it back up. The significance of the bigger brothers love for his younger brother is like the suspense you felt as a child when you had just awaken to see the sunrise when the moon is still out. The brothers bond is instantly broken by the act of one nightly drive. While the younger brothers life is quickly taken, the older brothers is put on the edge and rebirthed into a wave of emotion. With this emotion came a sixth sense or a third eye as some would say. Charlie, the older brother (the dashing Zach Efron), was able to see ghost of those who have passed or were on the brink to such an act. When Sam (Charlie Tahan), the younger brother, was still in sight to others they made a deal to meet at sunset cannons every day. Charlie stayed loyal to his word and met Sam, or as Charlie says it Sammy, at sunset cannons every evening until Sam finally found the light.Charlie is presented with a very difficult decision when the return of a former classmate, Tess Carroll (Amanda Crew), conflicts with his promise to Sam. Both mean as much as the other to Charlie yet he can not have each. Should he decide to spend more time with Tess, Sam will vanish, yet sticking in the past with Sam will eliminate his future possibilities. This suspenseful, sentimental, heartfelt movie would be significant to the audience of those who like a rushing rollercoaster of emotional suspense in a movie. Good for a get together with girlfriends or a date night when you need to refresh your mind to the effects of love. Charlie St. Cloud is a movie full of true emotion and love, showing that if you love someone you'll do whatever it takes to keep them even if it means risking your own life.

Matthew M (ru) wrote: While it may have the occasional fun sequence, 2012 is too self-serious for it's own good - as well as having characters and acting that are boring, stale and wooden. The implausibility of the events is to the point of ridiculousness.

Matt H (us) wrote: Great coming of age animated film, rebellious and truthful, with a great universality while still being from an unique perspective.

Aaron K (kr) wrote: Solid, albeit limited budget, Russian fantasy epic. If you loved films like Lord of the Rings, 13th Warrior, even Conan, check this one out.

Emma J (ag) wrote: This may be one of the better Australian films I've seen. Still not particularly great but it has interesting ideas and was quite interesting.

Ellen G (ag) wrote: Ikke s fin Toscana film som jeg hpet p. Mye moderne musikk som ikke passet inn.

Denise P (br) wrote: Clever and loaded with wit, Office Space offers a warmly empathetic, surprisingly poignant understanding of the never-ending difficulties of work, and one that delivers with satisfying bite and some gut-busting belly laughs -- all of which are further bolstered by top-notch golden character work from Stephen Root and Gary Cole.

Kelly w (nl) wrote: there he is again. a ledgend.

Joshua L (es) wrote: Why is it that in movies like this, the big demented dudes like Lobo always require at least six to eight shots to kill them? How come no one ever just shoots these guys in the head? I mean after all, it works in Roger Corman films.

Cole B (fr) wrote: A slow and boring western that is way too proud of itself to see its own follies. Portrayal of Indians and women is quite sad. True, it is from '39, but I don't really think that's an excuse.

Matthew H (gb) wrote: Fun and entertaining

Fong K (fr) wrote: An engrossing horrifying tale of a perfume maker obsessed with perfection in his craftsmanship is spoiled by a ludricuous orgy scene and a bizarre vanishing act in the final reel.

Dave J (br) wrote: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 (1983) Project A (In Chinese with English subtitles) ACTION/ COMEDY If there is any reason to see this and that is to see what Jackie Chan as well as his cohorts of Samo Hung and Yuen Baio can do since the very weak plot about gun running during the 18th century Hong Kong serves only as a backdrop to the comedy and the action shown throughout! Influenced by the likes of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, and still in his prime, this film was known to show Jackie mimic Harold Lloyd's famous stunt "Safty Last" by hanging onto a clockhand and then letting himself drop through two awnings before hitting the ground! Don't expect to watch this film for plot! 4 out of 4

David V (mx) wrote: Here is a strange one that you have to see to believe. Charles Bronson as Wild Bill Hickok, and with the aid of Crazy horse, Bill goes out to hunt down and kill a GIGANTIC white buffalo that is haunting his nightmares! A western Moby Dick with high cheese that is great for a cold autumn night.