Immortal Kiss: Queen of the Night

Immortal Kiss: Queen of the Night

Five young men convene on a mansion to meet the mysterious AMINA, who has lured them there to become her new consort in the immortal life of a vampire.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Queen Vampire searches for the perfect mate! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Immortal Kiss: Queen of the Night torrent reviews

Grace M (es) wrote: Movie was overall good, I really liked the plot. The ending made me hate Molly though, she ways already getting annoying and then I just stopped liking her after what she did. She took herself out of his life like that which was a shitty thing to do. Zachary Levi was great and it's a touching story.

Anna C (mx) wrote: The only good thing in this movie is to watch so many handsome young guys all together.... the rest is nothing.

Sean C (ca) wrote: The kind of film that makes you want to spray napalm on the trailer parks of America. Of course it was filmed on the West Bank.

El D P (nl) wrote: THIS IS JUST SIMPLY THE GREATEST MOVIE. FIVE STARS. watch it if you have not seen it. Based on the life of French painter S (C)raphine de Senlis In 1914, Wilhelm Uhde, a famous German art collector, rents an apartment in the town of Senlis, forty kilometers away from Paris, in order to write and to take a rest from the hectic life he has been living in the capital. The cleaning lady is a rather rough-and-ready forty-year-old woman who is the laughing stock of others. One day, Wilhelm who has been invited by his landlady, notices a small painting lying about in her living room. He is stunned to learn that the artist is no other than S (C)raphin

Bront Y (au) wrote: Understated, interesting, funny, and sad.

Steve D (jp) wrote: A poor Texas Chainsaw rip-off with no actors poor effects and an even worse script. Not even passable to an undiscerning slasher junkie like myself!

Stephen L (ag) wrote: A truly offbeat movie. Funny, odd and strangely sad sometimes. Interesting music too.

som G (mx) wrote: another black this black that movie, its all about the black people and god

Christopher B (ru) wrote: One liners aplenty with the consistently drunk looking Fields. A great "Lovable Loser" film.

Blake C (it) wrote: This movie is perfect. There's not a thing I would change about it.

Austin S (nl) wrote: My favorite movie ever. Everything is great, but not for everyone and can be slow at times.

Giorgos T (br) wrote: An atmospheric film, somewhat gory, but carefully sprinkled with funny moments.