Immortal Love

Immortal Love

The year is 1932, and a woman, whose tenant-farmer fiancé is fighting in China, is raped by the landowner's son (Nakadai), who has returned from the war with a crippling injury, and then forced into marriage with him. In four more chapters, presented over three decades, their children undertake their own searches for love, while the parents try to make each other as miserable as possible.

The year is 1932, and a woman, whose tenant-farmer fiancé is fighting in China, is raped by the landowners son(Nakadai)... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott J (nl) wrote: soes anyone know wtf this is?!

Patrick F (mx) wrote: A far-too-short documentary chronicling the history of gay cinema - it was nice to see, but it was too brief to be truly comprehensive. I would have rather seen the focus of the piece narrowed to a specific subgenre of gay cinema or to have the documentary lengthened considerably (3 to 6 hours would have been much more appropriate).

Ahmed M (kr) wrote: Other then the cgi action, the movie doesn't much to offer as even it's story is very bad, and the movie ends up being boring.

Jacksob M (fr) wrote: love all the movies in the franchise!

cah machine (gb) wrote: Better than Spinal Tap.

Raymond C (us) wrote: The concept of Asexual reproduction is interesting when Davidge(Dennis Quaid)an Earth star fighter at war with a race of Lizard like people called The Dracs crash lands after shooting down one of their fighters on an arid planet where both learn to live and help each other survive! Primitive special effects and at times High School like acting values detract slightly from what must be kind of good entertainment because I have watched 12 Times. It is like a trike that is fun to ride but you would not want your friends to catch you riding it?

Lawrence B (br) wrote: The first of the post-Sellers Panther movies. When the Pink Panther diamond is stolen again, bumbling Cheif Inspector Clouseau (Sellers) is on the case once more only to mysteriously disappear, leaving an intrepid reporter (Joanna Lumley) to investigate the man and his misadventures. A jumbled film in three segments " the first is welcome unused Sellers footage from previous Panthers, the second classic moments intertwined with interviews of Clouseau(TM)s counterparts (Herbert Lom, Burt Kwouk, Graham Stark, Capucine and David Niven, no less) before finishing with a slumpy third act focused on Lumley. The end product? Predictably, watchable for all the Sellers clips (particularly the unused footage) and its at least more palatable than the dire "Revenge of the Pink Panther", which should have been more than enough to convince director Blake Edwards that his franchise was over.

Jochen W (jp) wrote: Ganz klassisches, poetisches, zrtliches und kluges Kino - und seinerzeit wohl auch ein radikales sozialrevolutionres Statement. Trotz unleugbarer Berlinalemdigkeit auf den letzten Metern ein schnes Kinoerlebnis.

Matthew H (ag) wrote: The film make VG out to be a fairly dull fellow--and maybe he was--cinematography and acting were was just a bit dull in character development and plot.

Mi M (it) wrote: seriously I don't really understand the ending, who win ??

Carol T (br) wrote: It's been quite a while that I don't experience such a funny feeling watching a film such as this one.

Austin G (ru) wrote: It was just not that memorable.

Jon C (fr) wrote: such a sweet watchnot a Harrison Ford movie per-se but still a wacky look at business and mixing it with social livingMelanie Griffith is a so-serious woman looking for a promotion in the line of Wall Street and her boss played by the awesome Weaver gives her enough guidance to make it bigbut after running into a handsome executive things start to escalate sometimes uncomfortably and hilariouslybut Griffith gets in too over her head when she pitches an idea she came up with that's not hersthe cool thing about the movie is that she takes a big risk pining for a dream joband she points out the stress of making it to the topshe is the ultimate 'working girl' as it were juggling a double-life with this charming man and pretending to be her own bossthe 1980's was the age of circuit boards and Griffith proves it's a challenge to get bya modernized 'Cinderella' tale along the lines of 'Pretty Woman' and many others that so funny and sharp