In 2095, New York City has become a dystopian world of genetically altered humans and ancient Egyptian gods. When a god is sentenced to death he seeks a new human host and a woman to bear his child. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Immortel torrent reviews

Alex S (nl) wrote: The sentimental parts were brutal

Paul J (es) wrote: Schrader's prequel was ambitious and had great potential. Sadly, it didn't quite work out. First off, he was fired during the filming. They replaced him with Renny Harlin who made a significantly different version. Finally, when Schrader was allowed to return to finish the film, it seems they ran out of money. It looks relatively cheap at times. However, Schrader's cut has more political weight and feels more artsy. A couple of his choices almost make for a better cut but, overall, Harlin's is a much better HORROR film. Which kills me to say because I respect Schrader much more.

Eli M (br) wrote: 10 minutes of this movie told me all I needed to know about it.

Jens L (ru) wrote: This is pretty bad...badly done and a Dennis Quaid with one of his worst performances...but the far worst is that it feels like a disgrace for all the poor victims of this terrible Bosnian far the worst movie about this topic

Bheema D (ag) wrote: Incredibly sarcastic and entertaining social commentary, especially dated yes but this can add to the charm. In a purely personal manner, I prefer it over Brazil, which I consider to be very similar.

Elsa E (ca) wrote: this movie influenced me since i saw it

Sam M (us) wrote: Visually, it's a good movie. The actors do a fine job at portraying the characters. It's a good film to look at, but overall, something is lacking. It feels almost as if no moral is intended with this movie and it's all so dull.

Jennifer Z (jp) wrote: This was horrible. Bad acting! Omg we could barely stomach watching it. This is worse than a B movie