Impact Point

Impact Point

Pro Beach Volleyball star, Kelly Reyes, faces challenges everyday, fierce competitors, the press, but nothing could prepare her for him.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   coach,   police,  

Pro Beach Volleyball star, Kelly Reyes, faces challenges everyday, fierce competitors, the press, but nothing could prepare her for him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ronnie D (ag) wrote: Awesome. Total rewatch. 2/8/16

Joshua L (de) wrote: pretty pointless movie but fuck I love Rebecca Hall.

Paul S (it) wrote: Greatest documentary series ever. 56 up coming out soon.

Chris S (es) wrote: Now THIS is a good sequel to Cinderella! Lady Tremaine is deliciously evil, and the characters of Cinderella, the Prince, and Anastasia are way more fleshed out than they are in the original. Out of all the Disney direct-to-video sequels, I think this one is one that definitely deserves to be seen. But you can skip Cinderella 2.

Philip S (ca) wrote: Boring, predictable rom-com with not one, but two rom-com stories interwoven into its overall plot. It comes across as nothing more than one more of the countless bland, bubblegum factory rom-coms that have been shot out of the factory both past and present. If not for the effort of Bette Midler and slightly impressive acting of Danny Nucci, the movie would have been far worse than it already is. The most appauling fact of this movie is that for a PG-13 rating, it has quite a bit of crude material. The very fact that here we have at least two affairs going on through the story is not exactly something that young audiences need to be exposed to. What's more, one of them involves Keith (James Denton) and his step-mother-in-law sleeping together. There is simply something very disturbing about this, to say the least. The dvd presentation of the movie offers very little in the way of bonus features, although it does have a bonus feature option on the main menu. Ironically, even if it did have any real bonus features, they would do very little to help improve the overall experience of the story. Considering all of this, it's not wonder that this is one of those movies that has made its way to the discount bins of so many electronics stores.

Matt M (mx) wrote: A Harvard professor travels to Florida to overturn a sentence on a man he feels was wrongly convicted. A forgettable thriller with some suspense, but feeling uninspired and devoid of the pressing social issues it could have dealt with.

Jessica H (us) wrote: Looks like an action flick,but it's a little bit more then that, yet it feels as if it was made for tv.

Private U (gb) wrote: The Taviani Brothers charming film of several of Pirandello??s short stories. The best screen portrayal of Sicilian folk culture, Kaos manages to combine drama, comedy and horror in one film. As always in cinema meridionalista, landscape plays a huge part; so too does the sea as the ghost of Pirandello??s mother describes a childhood journey to the pumice mines of Lipari. A truly unique film, loosely connected by way of the prologue and epilogue, which examines all the historical preoccupations of southern Italy.

Siddharth S (es) wrote: A decent attempt at horror i guess.

Art S (jp) wrote: An early feature from Sam Peckinpah and also the valedictory film for Randolph Scott and presumably Joel McRae (who went on to make a few more). Randy plays the bad guy (more or less) which is a bit of a shock after his series of tough morally-upright loners in the Budd Boetticher (Ranown) films -- but supposedly he was originally to play McRae's on-the-skids former Federal Marshall and they switched roles. It is somewhat odd to see an older McRae as well, since he is so well known from his younger days (working for Preston Sturges or Hitchcock) -- but it's still him. At any rate, in keeping with this phase of the Western, the two old-timers struggle to retain their code of honor as the West changes, rescuing Mariette Hartley from some scurrilous gold miners in the process. More of a trad Western than we would soon see from Peckinpah (even if the finale is a bit more bloody than typical).

Samantha R (ru) wrote: Wonderful script and wonderful acting - a joy to watch, some of the best monologues delivered with intensity and passion by Pitt and Hopkins.

James H (kr) wrote: Monsters University was a fun movie that I think does have the usual Pixar life lesson and promotes themes like friendship and self belief while encouraging you to go further than anyone expects and to prove people wrong. Most of the jokes are very funny but only on the first (maybe second occasion) and the voice acting and chemistry from Crystal and Goodman is superb as you'd expect. Solid.