Impatient Vivek

Impatient Vivek

Comedy about a spurred lover who kidnaps the object of his desire on the eve of her wedding.

Rejected by the woman he loves, a slacker abducts her shortly before her marriage with another male. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (it) wrote: Dette er en god film med mange gode tanker!

Marcus M (au) wrote: Holy shit!!! This was one of the most craptastic movies ever made...BUT I won't lie I watched the whole movie, I love movies about natural disasters and Mother Nature.. This one was a complete knock off of the original 2012, just through in a ice glacier that was the size of the state of Maine and just rolled through the whole east coast freezing everything in its path... Acting was horrible, special effects were the worst....SNES had better graphics.. But again I finished it, didn't put me to sleep.. Surprised!!!!!

Adrian E (mx) wrote: Really moving and admirably restrained, but ultimately a little too close to its subject to remain objective.

beboo g (it) wrote: I do believe this is a good film but with movies like these, it's a matter of getting interested with the characters, and in my case, they just didn't interest me that much. And, again, with movies like these, i think it's a case to case basis. i'm sure some people out there found the characters really interesting and that's ok, i'm not gonna argue with them. the same way i found the chars in quiet city very engaging and some people don't.

Jeffrey M (ca) wrote: Yonkers Joe succeeds very well as a family drama, with an authentic feel. The gambling aspects of the film were also interesting, though never fleshed out enough. But overall, I found Yonkers Joe to be pretty moving, with a lot of credit going to Chazz Palminteri with his spot on performance.

Jesse B (mx) wrote: I love horror films, but generally hate slasher flicks. Carver is a prime example of why.

Joe D (kr) wrote: Good for a rainy day

Copacetic O (ru) wrote: A wonderful little movie about a boy who loves cricket. No, it's about Jewish family dynamics. No, it's about racism in Britian after World War 2. Actually, it's about all these things, but mostly it's about the characters and how they grow as human beings. This movie has a sweet, simple, imaginative feel to it, and it deals with some deep issues without making its point too strongly. Some criticisms I've read about this movie are the very things I found to be its strengths, so it really comes down to your preferences. In a way, it reminds me of some of Tim Burton's early movies, though it's more down-to-earth than that director's wild inventions. Like Burton's better movies, it feels a bit like a fairy tale and it has unreal elements to it, but the story is grounded by characters who feel very familiar and real.

Brian V (it) wrote: On par with the best in the genre - House of Games

Jay S (jp) wrote: This used to be my favorite movie a long time ago. This movie gave me an answer back then to what I wanted to be when I grew up: a Wildlife photographer. -flash forward to today, where I am older, wiser, more critical of movies, and now have no idea what I want o be when I grew up. I still enjoy this movie. The one big knock on this movie are that it gets WAY too unbelievable towards the end. They could have toned it down a little bit and it still would have been entertaining to the average kid. I still find that this movie has a good message and acceptable plotline. It has some occasional intelligent humor now and then. Above all, it appeals to the rebel/ daredevil/ adventurer/ idiot/ dreamer in all of us. Not a must see, but it's decent. heck, even as a kid I had a good taste in movies. : )

Craig W (jp) wrote: Tongue-in-cheek, cheesy, goofy and somehow - it's sooo enjoyable. One of the first Zomedies (zombie comedy - if someone older than me is wondering).

Darrin C (us) wrote: Very eerie with some nasty kills but also bad acting and a completely unrealistic plot. This one is unusual in that the remake was actually better!

Terri H (br) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Jonathan D (jp) wrote: This is a great movie! It looks amazing on Blu-Ray.

Ryan N (nl) wrote: A subpar Scorsese film. Minnelli and DeNiro are good, but the film is just not one of Scorsese's best. It's good though and definetly a pleasant enough viewing experience.

Paul D (ag) wrote: Hammer that focuses on a psychological horror than the gore we are used to. It works to an extent, but the story is disjointed in places.

Daniel D (ca) wrote: Putney Swope is the most acclaimed Downey Sr. film, and it's because it was one of the riskiest films I've seen. Hardcore satire here, the whole story is of a black man taking over an advertising company as a fluke. He then fires the white crews, hires stereotypical African Americans, and the film goes full pledged racism. The crew demanding watermelon breaks, instead of smoking breaks, and that's just average. I was laughing for the majority of the film, and the hilarious advertisements. I think some of the techniques were questionable, such as dubbing Putneys voice, but it paid off. It felt a bit like a publicity stunt, but stuck to the roots. Even has a Chafed Ellbows Easter egg in there. I think I'll probably re watch this with in the month

Mark H (us) wrote: Herzog's master craftsmanship in visuals and storytelling make this a classic to enjoy, while Kinski nails it as Nosferatu, creating a frighteningly eerie ambience with every scene he is in.