Imperial Limited

Imperial Limited


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  • Release:1900
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  • Category:Short
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  • Country:USA
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Imperial Limited torrent reviews

Cynthia W (us) wrote: 1 - why did I watch this. what did I expect. I don't know.

Dena S (es) wrote: I liked this one way more then the first. :)

nash j (fr) wrote: this was a good movie over all. good everything with a Stargate twist good family movie ( if you family likes action movies about space)

Benjamin F (ru) wrote: Blue State's another obscure little indie film that was actually released by a fairly big name company, but still managed to stay pretty off the radar. A direct-to-DVD release as well, that didn't play in theaters outside of festivals, I believe. This was a project of Anna Paquin's, who produced the film in addition to playing one of the leads. After watching it, I can say that while it's not an unpleasant experience, it's not hard to see why not very many people have seen it.Breckin Meyer's character is rather difficult to sympathize with for quite a bit of the film, and I say this even as someone who leans far enough left that today's right would undoubtedly love to see my citizenship revoked. He's tightly wound and melodramatic, his reasons for leaving the US being conceptually heavy-handed - leaving to make a statement in the wake of Bush's reelection after campaigning for the largely unelectable John Kerry - but similarly more personally grounded in how his life was basically uprooted in the wake of Bush's reelection. Eventually, he becomes more sympathetic as you learn about his family and how tragedy had influenced his politics, just as it basically turned his father into Rush Limbaugh. By the end of the film, his character grows enough to make more of a meaningful statement that serves as an appropriate way to cap off the story. Anna Paquin's character doesn't get nearly as much development, playing a soldier trying to avoid serving a second tour in Iraq who'd realized how meaningless the war was. She's more politically apathetic, but also more grounded as a person than Meyer's character, and ultimately plays a vital role in helping him to gain better perspective on who he'd become, while he's able to help her eventually gain more perspective on why we shouldn't be apathetic in our politics. Together, while they don't have amazing chemistry, they still play off each other more than well enough for this little character study of a film to work.Blue State is a mish-mash of genres in its conception - a lighthearted romantic comedy in which the humor is mild and never really hilarious, though functional; political commentary, though most of it is a bit on the abrasively preachy side, though never over the top in its hyperbole or dishonest in its message; and a road movie about simply crossing from San Francisco to Winnipeg. The cinematography, while not spectacular, is still pretty good and makes for some enjoyable scenery and well-placed and lit shots here and there. The visual exploration of Winnipeg is enjoyable, however brief, though all the Canadians are presented as two-dimensional stereotypes - like all the rest of the characters outside of the two leads - as so to play their role in deconstructing the American left-wing fantasy of Canada as an ultra-progressive paradise. Shots are effectively taken at both the left and right in the script, though the film's central message remains focused on an honest message to frustrated progressives.The soundtrack's not bad, either - more or less the typical indie fare you'd expect in a film like this.Blue State actually reminds me a little bit of Garden State. While the subject matter is different and fresh in its own regard, the character arcs aren't dissimilar - there's some similar curves of story and archetypal character development going on here. I'm not sure I'd put it on exactly the same level as Garden State, but it's not far from it. Not great, but not bad - just a mild little film that doesn't really accomplish all that it could have with its concept and a protagonist who may make the film unwatchable to anyone who doesn't share his beliefs, but for what it is, it's not an unpleasant experience. You can do better or worse, but it's not a bad way to spend 90 minutes.

Charlie G (fr) wrote: A little lame compared to the first one.

Cassandra M (jp) wrote: I am a big fan of Christian Bale and, for many years more, of John Hurt. They both do their very best with these characters and I'm certain that with less talented actors this could have been an abysmal film. There are noticeable flaws in the logic of the plot and some pretty tacky direction which in combination make it seem rather like a B-grade afternoon kids soapie.Too many scenes are either unnecessary or painfully drawn out. It's very likely that some artful editing would have made a vastly superior 80 minute feature from this 112 minutes.Being vegetarian and an animal lover, I felt some empathy for the main characters but there's not all that much depth to them. The evil step-father is portrayed as just too much of a villainous clich.

Nie (gb) wrote: This is one of my favorite movies,very cute show about true love.

Erin C (gb) wrote: Adorable movie. Lots of good acting. The relationship between Roberts' and Sedgwick's characters reminded me of my sister and I's.

Tony P (nl) wrote: Another awful 1970s sex "comedy".This film is actually the middle of a trio of Adventures films that were strangely popular on their release.This film actually has a stellar cast it is a shame about the material they have to work with.Names such as Jon Pertwee, Harry H. Corbett, Diana Dors, Ian Lavender and introducing Christopher Neil as the main character Bob West.West plays a young private detective left in charge of a detective agency by Pertwee whilst on holiday trying to solve a 50k blackmail case.Along the way West ends up in the UK country coming across Adrienne Posta's Liza Minelliesque character along the way.Neil has an awful habit of winking and rolling his eyes at the camera like a naughty school child.He also gets to sing the terrible theme song.

Jonathan G (it) wrote: "10 Things I Hate About You" is a clever update of William Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew". It's a clever script with superb performances by Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles. It's definitely smarter than your average teen romp. Enjoy it for it's young (and often comedic) love stories or it's subtle kudos to its original Bard. Rating: 7.5 / 10