Nate Foster, a young, idealistic FBI agent, goes undercover to take down a radical white supremacy terrorist group. The bright up-and-coming analyst must confront the challenge of sticking to a new identity while maintaining his real principles as he navigates the dangerous underworld of white supremacy. Inspired by real events.

Based on a true story, the film follows dealistic FBI agent Nate Foster as he goes undercover to take down a radical white supremacy terrorist group that's plotting an act of terror. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Imperium torrent reviews

Samnang P (es) wrote: If you didn't see this with us on Friday, you missed out!

Derek W (it) wrote: Gets redundant after the first 30 minutes of long talks and over-emotional discussions between abnormally responsible young adults.

Madison M (gb) wrote: Fast and furious, but not the car kind.

Ashleigh D (ca) wrote: I had to turn it off halfway through.

Hanna H (de) wrote: Tarinankerronta pelaa loppuun saakka. Oon vhn vihainen mut ei se mitn. Monesti telkkarisarjasta tehty leffa tuntuu tosi turhalta, mutta t ei.

Ryder M (au) wrote: not a groundbreaking kids movie like it wants to bethis movie has its moments it does and its got some cool characters but overall a messy stupid kids movie that really doesn't make sense and it trys to hard to become this classic kids movie although kids will probably enjoy parents and adult wont

Leonard D (jp) wrote: A decent adaptation of the 6th installment of the series! Too bad that Professor Slughorn wasn't as walrus like he is in the book, but here, he's not bad.

Gregory W (fr) wrote: well acted and well paced drama about a family trying to heal and fulfill the dead grandparents last wishes. amazing performances esp from the kid the best since jerry maguire or the sixth sense

Akshay M (nl) wrote: Irreversible is so extreme and violent that some of you may not be able to watch it especially because of that unsettling soundtrack which really gets into you. This is one of those movies which cannot be liked at all (cinema is not always about entertainment) but you've got to appreciate the bravura film-making and acting by Gaspar Noe and Monica Bellucci.

Shannon K (it) wrote: It's just so strange.

Evan K (es) wrote: Good film led by standout performances from Hackman and McDormand.

Joe R (au) wrote: I guess I missed the part where I was supposed to care at all.

Phani T (mx) wrote: When you want to make a sci-fi movie, and the main theme is time travel, the best thing to do is to not make it. The concept's good if you use it well - and it makes you pity yourself if not handles well. Performance and action are ok, but the plot doesn't have holes in it - it just has one huge ditch. And BTW, can somebody point me where the "Deja Vu" happens?Don't watch if you care for science.

JJ J (fr) wrote: My favorite vampire movie. Sexy and scary.

Mark A (us) wrote: More entertaining then I expected. Arnold is an interesting guy.

Jacob E (jp) wrote: Like All Quiet on the Western Front, this film is still one of the best war films ever made.

Caitlin L (ru) wrote: Better than I thought it would be. Still was missing something.

Blake C (ru) wrote: Despite what others say, this is a good movie with a good message: all people should be treated the same.

Jake M (ca) wrote: At least this movie had a few funny moments and the Looney Tunes were put to good use. However, the plot, setting, and real life characters weren't really engaging, but at least it was better than Space Jam.

unknown c (it) wrote: Worst movie ever. 0/5 stars in my opinion.