Stars Christopher Plummer, Robert Wisden, Kevin McNulty, Suzy Joachim

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Al M (br) wrote: A real piece of crap, Zombie Night jumps right into its zombie apocalypse set-up in first five minutes but never really delivers any thrills, gore, or engaging drama. Its cavalcade of 80s stars does little to make it interesting as it draws towards its inevitably boring conclusion.

Veronica B (kr) wrote: You think you've escaped from your abusive husband by accidently killing him, then you're stuck with his ghost still abusing you...scary. The fight scene between the husband and her young lover was brutal.

Electra D (es) wrote: Silly story, obvious happy-ending, but Jason Isaacs, as usual, made it worth watching. And his attempts on speaking portuguese were simply lmfao!

Ellen L (au) wrote: This reminds me a little too much of my own family.

Uriel G (mx) wrote: There is a lot to say about my favorite movie, but I will be brief.The film combines the best of the peplum, spectacular scenarios, action, human feelings and the best way to make an uchronia, with a history and solid characters that the actors make even more firm of what they are.Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix are perhaps the best of the film, a transcendent and memorable film that embodies the resurrection of the genre and the best you can find in an epic film.

Larry C (au) wrote: Jennifer Connely Brightens up all her movies. This one has good writing and directing.

Anthony S (fr) wrote: Very nice special effects, but the film does feel pretty dates. Clark Gable and Spencer Tracey do adequate and serviceable work here. Nothing to special.

Jock D (us) wrote: A little slow and dry at points, but, overall, an engaging and well acted 2 hours of entertainment.