Impulse Black

Impulse Black

What do Riley Cole, Hitler, President Truman, Castro, and the person who shot Kennedy all have in common?

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  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
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What do Riley Cole, Hitler, President Truman, Castro, and the person who shot Kennedy all have in common? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael G (ru) wrote: Dont know why i watched it

Udayalaksmanakartiyasa H (nl) wrote: I like it when a movie is directed and written by the same person. It always felt intimate, like this movie. The idea is a good elaboration from the everyday observation. It gives me a great addition to perspectives of foreign descendant. And the idea was executed very well in the movie. I'm very shocked with the scene when Cenk imagining the shot from the early scene. That is brilliant.

Adam B (au) wrote: Possibly the best slasher sequel since Jason vorhees put on a hockey mask.

Lewis C (it) wrote: "How do you deal with such idiotic criticism?"(Untitled) is an absurd, entertaining mixture of a comedy, a romantic comedy, a drama, and a satire of the New York art scene (and some modern art in general, I suppose). It caught my eye because of the presence of Marley Shelton and Lucy Punch, two underrated and really hot actresses that I make a habit of checking out in every movie I can, but it turned out to be a worthwhile movie, beyond their presence.The two main characters are Adrian (Adam Goldberg), a bohemian experimental musician (think kicking buckets and ripping paper), and Madeline (Marley Shelton), a gallery owner who sells the commercial work of Adrian's brother to keep her gallery open, while only allowing more avant-garde pieces to be shown there. Madeline finds herself drawn to Adrian's unconventional sensibilities, but conflict eventually arises between the two when Madeline's eccentric clients don't meet Adrian's ideas of what art should be. (Untitled) is funniest when showcasing the "artwork" of its supporting characters, including Ray Park as an artist who uses taxidermy in a unique way, and Zak Orth in a small but absolutely scene-stealing role. I think you probably have to be familiar with, or at least aware of, the modern art scene to see the appeal of (Untitled). It's not a hard film to get your head around, or anything like that, but it does get its humor from situations and jokes that may not have appeal for everyone. I thought it was quite amusing, though, and I recommend that anyone who finds the idea interesting, gives it a try.

Russell C (ru) wrote: At last a romantic comedy that you will actually laugh with. A rare combination of comedy depth and wisdom. More like this please.

Fred V (de) wrote: Sure, it was a made-for-TV Disney film, but thanks to surprisingly amazing performances from Carey, Louis-Dreyfuss, and Spiner, as well as music and score from Stephen Schwartz, I found "Geppetto" to be very enjoyable.

Matthew R (jp) wrote: It teaches players about selfishness and working with the team I think that this movie is the best since Brian song. Oliver Stone did a great job with this movie and so did Al Pacino also did great speech about inches and football.

Lanfranco C (it) wrote: The Duke in an American Style "Noire"

Bryant G (mx) wrote: Very different film with very weird future set. Nothing really stands out in this film, but I watched the unrated version and it was a very goory film, I was shocked in some scenes that they even filmed them. The twist ending felt like it was going to happen before it came. RATING: C-

Michelle C (nl) wrote: Very funny, entertaining window into the social dynamics of an experimental film shoot... and it's great to see how genuinely earnest people are in their efforts to make meaning of the experience. I think it's a must-see for indie film people.

Anna Q (us) wrote: This was basically an ode to Jude Law.

fran c (ag) wrote: recommended zero disgust

Fernando B (de) wrote: Simplemente espectacular, la historia te atrapa desde el inicio de la pelcula, tiene un desarrollo lento pero necesario e intrigante. Una pieza de arte de Tarantino y Brad Pitt y Michael Fassbender se roban el show.

Morris N (it) wrote: Silly, absurd, witty, literate. Full of itself. Great fun.