Impy's Wonderland

Impy's Wonderland

The German-language CG-animated fantasy Urmel voll in Fahrt concerns a winged baby dinosaur who inhabits an island in the middle of the ocean with a group of loveable animal friends. Everything changes, however, when a dimwitted dinosaur hunter turns up and lures the creature back to captivity (via his luxury yacht) with rather sinister plans for his discovery.

The German-language CG-animated fantasy Urmel voll in Fahrt concerns a winged baby dinosaur who inhabits an island in the middle of the ocean with a group of loveable animal friends. Everything changes, however, when a dimwitted dinosaur hunter turns up and lures the creature back to captivity (via his luxury yacht) with rather sinister plans for his discovery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler P (kr) wrote: Trs bon film de combat et fait par un franais en plus. Il y a 2/3 scnes impressionnantes.

John A (es) wrote: A touching, understated doc chronicling the changing relationship of Hansard and Irglova on tour. Interspersing moments of vulnerability and a quiet truthfulness with live performances allows the songs and the people intermingle with one another, enhancing their meaning in interesting ways. The gorgeous black & white photography is always easy to look at, while the wordless (outside the music) ending conveys a complex array of subjects--grief, hope, friendship, and perseverance, among others.

Shawn R (au) wrote: Love watching Ken Hunnemeder on the big screen. Okay as a movie about someone who pick pockets and falls in love could be.

Brandi J (fr) wrote: Good idea, gone horribly wrong. With a few edits to the script, better actors and less CGI we could have had a winner.

Rangan R (ru) wrote: The A list actors in a B movie, is the latest trend.A bunch of great actors with their very good performances, but the story was merely okay, even though somewhat it was an enjoyable flick. 'Two Rabbits' was a good Brasilian thriller, this is from the same director and his Hollywood debut which is not a spellbinding. I expected a lot after knowing it was his film, it did not disappoint me either, but for the Hollywood standards this was a let down. If it would have been a Portuguese film, then no one would have complained much.It was supposed to be a sequel to David Fincher's 'Seven', but failed to fuse both the stories. So then it became an independent narration. The title should have been 'Premonition', but there's already a movie with that name. Like I said the story was kind of a mix of other films. The theme was a too much intelligence, so it needed the clever writers for its screenplay. I only say it was a missed opportunity to turn the product like 'Law Abiding Citizen'.For a concept like this, the scenes were too ordinary and the end has been just alright. The best thing about this was the entertainment it offered, no matter if you feel deja-vu of watching this film, you won't get bored. Top actors, but I still consider it a good quality B movie than an average quality A list movie.6/10

Peter B (mx) wrote: Dumb. I'm surprised this was even released straight to DVD.

Renatita C (au) wrote: Sweet, lovely, fun and cute! A must see!

Calvin R (nl) wrote: Men in Black has a solid script, spectaclar set, charismatic performance by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. This was very entertaining, and great all at the same time!

Paul G (mx) wrote: Not to be confused with the REAL Suburbia (1984), which was about punks.

Gordon S (ag) wrote: chess player...murder... investigations... nah

Mitch R (br) wrote: This is by far the funniest most poorly done movie ever. Bad Acting, Bad Plot, just plain stupid. Lonely mothers all end up sleeping with some guy and getting VD which turns them into Zombie like beings. It's so bad it's hilarious.

Roman R (au) wrote: La primer "Sleepaway Camp" tuvo un final muy memorable. Tanto que me dio curiosidad ver esta secuela. Desafortunadamente no ofrece nada mas que una villana convencional y muertes incesantes (bsicamente Angela mata a todos y...ya). "Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers" es un slasher tpico sin creatividad ni originalidad, de esos que abundaron en los ochentas (y que guia a la audiencia con las apariciones de Freddy y Jason, ademas de un poster pattico). Es una pelcula bastante mala.

a (nl) wrote: My father read this aloud for to me when I was a kid, and I still remember the bikeride up the hill to see this in the cinema. Perhaps I should leave this with the fond memories and not watch it again?

Erik P (de) wrote: Boy this movie didn't age well. I loved it as a kid, but the totally placid pace of the plot makes for a really silly movie that adult me could figure out in a heartbeat.

Rick Q (fr) wrote: "vivacious lady" is hilarious! james stewart and ginger rogers are hilarious together, as well as apart. while the story might be lacking a bit, it really makes up for it with it's humor.

Andrew H (es) wrote: Crappy move, but love Italy.

Calum B (it) wrote: Emily arrives in Miami with aspirations of becoming a professional dancer and soon falls in love with Sean, a young man who leads a dance crew in elaborate, cutting-edge flash mobs, called "The Mob." When a wealthy business man threatens to develop The Mob's historic neighborhood and displace thousands of people, Emily must band together with Sean and The Mob to turn their performance art into protest art, and risk losing their dreams to fight for a greater cause. -- (C) SummitAs I was waiting in line to see this film, a boy (about 7) was with his mother. He explained to her about all the dancers that were in the previous STEP UP films and seemed to have an extensive and in-depth knowledge about these dancers that I could never compete with. I suppose that these films are geared toward people like the boy I overheard, those who surround themselves in an art form with many styles. I don't watch shows like SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, but there is something endearing about the STEP UP films (excluding the first) that separate themselves from other dance flicks. First and foremost, they don't take themselves seriously. Their predictable story lines are an excuse to showcase some mad dance moves that you'll never get to see in life. These films know that they aren't high art, so comparing them to something like THE GODFATHER is entirely missing the point.However, like everything else, the STEP UP franchise will eventually lose its luster. This is the case with REVOLUTION, as with most franchises that suffer from sequelitis. REVOLUTION is entertaining for what it's worth, but it isn't as exciting to watch as the previous two entries. The film lacks the charm of its two predecessors, mostly due to the lack of the lovable Moose, who only appears in a short cameo. Regardless, the dancing sequences are top notch and filled with wonder and creativity. There's also an added twist concerning protest art which was interesting. One sequence, in particular, is sure to wow the audience, taking place in an art museum where the art literally comes to life. There's also the obligatory 10+ minute dance in the climax that is just as good. However, I must note that another "dance" sequence will likely disturb people, particularly because of the recent movie theater shooting in Colorado. It involves smoke grenades, people being covered in gas masks and armor, and gun shot sound effects. In and of itself, the scene is supposed to be alarming, but the added tragedy just makes it ill-timed.Like STEP UP 3, the film takes full advantage of its 3D technology, from the opening scene to the end credits. There's a lot of gimmicky "pop out" moments but scenes with amazing depth as well. These films prove to be some of very few films that know how to use 3D well and makes one wonder if other filmmakers should have to learn from these guys. The story is also interesting as the film tackles on the current issue of the Occupy movement (done with flashmobs). Lastly, the actors can surely dance, but their performances are merely sufficient.If you like the STEP UP films, there's no reason you won't enjoy this one. The dance sequences and 3D are great, but it's forgettable once the credits roll. Additionally, I hope the filmmakers stop the franchise at this one because it's starting to get stale and repetitive. On another note, I would like to indicate that director Scott Speer directed some episodes from the web series THE LEGION OF EXTRAORDINARY DANCERS (LXD), created by Jon Chu, which I highly recommend to watch as it provides a great alternative to your usual dance flicks (think THE AVENGERS but with dancing). It's not as bad as it sounds. Trust me.

Michael D (us) wrote: A stunning, somewhat under-rated masterpiece of proto-70's American cinema that pulls not a single punch in its depiction of a suicidal Auschwitz survivor who runs a pawnshop in Harlem. Brilliant camerawork and an unforgettable performance from Steiger.