In China They Eat Dogs

In China They Eat Dogs

An intent fast paced Danish dark comedy film about two separately motivated brothers who with their slightly psychopathic tendencies end up in a touchy situation. One brother gets in serious trouble after a bank robbery and begs the other brother for help.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Danish,English,Serbo-Croatian,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   ghost,   bank,  

Two brothers, one cold and ruthless, the other sensitive and reluctant, and their brutal misadventures. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad S (it) wrote: I saw this at TIFF, the latest film from Korean Master Director Kim Jee-woon. It's an exciting story of double-agents set in 1920's Korea which was occupied by the Japanese. The production values are absolutely outstanding! The film also features a couple of Korea's biggest actors. There are some exciting set-pieces for sure which shouldn't surprise anyone who has seen "The Good, The Bad and the Weird"! This film demands to be seen on the big screen, check it out!

Tito S (nl) wrote: "Engineers make dreams come true"

Christina S (it) wrote: I can say that it was very well composed movie,really scary villain,few good songs and Jacqueline played well in her part as well as Emraan played good bad boy who ends the villains life in very real manner

Christopher B (jp) wrote: Very entertaining. Brings me back to the old cartoon from my youth.

Tasha W (fr) wrote: I was all set to recommend this until it ended....whack! A lot of the time, the ending can make or break a whole movie

Kyle M (mx) wrote: This movie pissed me off.

Onkar M (ag) wrote: Maqbool was better than Omkara. Why? The real hero in both these films is the script, and Maqbool is more loyal to its script. It is sad that 'stars' carry so much value in the hindi film industry, in hollywood a movie of such caliber(relative) would be in contention of an Oscar. And the unfortunate truth for this film is that it would not be so intense, real and honest if Bharadwaj had cast 'stars'. The art of cinema at the cost of box office collections, is it worth it? For such magical narration, a big YES. As for the performances, Pankaj Kapoor rules the kingdom and the movie, Irfan Khan can make a scene real in just one dialogue, Tabu shines as usual, Naseer and Om should be the ones earning the millions (not the 'star kids'), but the find of the film is 'Piyush Mishra' as 'Kaka'. Such movies will bring back glory for our writers. A true cult classic

Dana N (kr) wrote: If you find yourself wanting to watch a western, pass on this turd.

Joey I (ru) wrote: It very good movie it very old and it good action I love watch sci-fi always all time and watch scary animals and bugs movies it good movie it good action I watch many time it so awesome movie!!!

TakeiaD (au) wrote: Loved it when I was younger and still feel it is a good movie. I enjoy Bacon, he's a man of many faces.

carl w (au) wrote: Scariest movie I've ever seen.

Meng W (kr) wrote: great documentary film, realistic and tragic

Juan Andres O (nl) wrote: A depp no le queda el papel de padre, aun asi, es una pelicula entretenida.

Tim S (ag) wrote: Based on the novel of the same name by A.J. Quinnell. John Creasy (Washington) is a burned-out ex-CIA operative who has given up on life. Creasy's friend Rayburn (Walken) persuades him to become a bodyguard to nine-year-old Pita Ramos (Fanning) in Mexico. Creasy barely tolerates the precocious child and her pestering questions about him and his life. But slowly, she chips away at his seemingly impenetrable exterior, his defenses drop, and he opens up to her. Creasy's new-found purpose in life is shattered when Pita is violently kidnapped. Despite being shot several times during the kidnapping, he vows to hunt down anyone involved in or profiting from the kidnapping. This is a well shot, hard-hitting revenge film not unlike "The Crow" in some respects. It's partially based on a true story. Don't watch this if you can't tolerate blood and torture up close and personal.

(kr) wrote: Classic blaxploitation movie, early Fred Williamson at its' very best

Jason J (br) wrote: The 2nd in the series finds Itto Ogami and his son battling a bunch of female ninjas and 3 powerful brothers known as the Gods Of Death whilst on a contract. Much more violent and gory than it's predecessor but still thoroughly enjoyable.

Stephen W H (jp) wrote: This is a magnificent movie that deserves an award let alone a higher rating. At least the audience score got closer to what this movie deserves. That's probably because it's not an action movie. But for real what you watch a movie for it has it. Great story.....Really well acted. The world should follow the example set here.

Jane Z (br) wrote: A beautiful film that can't be ignored.