In Dreams

In Dreams

Claire Cooper dreams strange things from time to time. One night, she dreams about a little girl being taken away by a stranger...

Claire Cooper dreams strange things from time to time. One night, she dreams about a little girl being taken away by a stranger, right in her neighbourhood. When her own daughter Rebecca is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff S (us) wrote: Pretty good Star Trek film boasting a scene stealing turn from Benedict Cumberbatch

Lisa Ann N (au) wrote: I won't call this romantic with people fooling around with each other's friends and an aunt teaching her nephew stupid things. Aya-yai!

Christopher B (au) wrote: Very enjoyable remake. Everything you could ask for in a horror film.

Jarryd R (ca) wrote: wanna see it i cant wAIT LOL !!!

Pavan R (fr) wrote: An superb portrayal of Capote by Toby Jones...a touching story and well direction..loved the documentary like input from various characters..helps give everything an insight

Gunpowder B (kr) wrote: An existential crisis in itself, the film's embrace of philosophical concepts and thorough dissection of all included characters and themes would be enough to make I Heart Huckabees smart and alluring, but a brilliant, stacked cast, intelligent drama, and a hilarious application of circumstance make this film whimsically introspective like no other.

Matthew H (kr) wrote: A strange, unbalanced movie that tries to do way too much, and I'm not really aboard with the historical fantasy mishmash thing. It was beautiful, though.

Alex R (jp) wrote: Some movies are so infused with life, that it's impossible not to undermine life itself when talking about it. Lynne Ramsey is a visual poet, and a very, very talented one at that. She shines like, I don't know, things that shine without knowing that they're radiant. Like a diamond. Her film here, the first but not that last one that I'll be watching, is tremendous and breathtaking. Gorgeous but simple. Entertaining but not separate from life. It's silly to talk about plot, it's not really the point. Just watch it if you can, and make sure you have subtitles!! Scottish people...

James B (mx) wrote: Some good acting in the film, but not very likable and not very funny. It is somewhat of an anti-coming of age story. Plus, one creepy scene that seems pretty unbelievable.

Matt B (ru) wrote: If there's one movie that makes me BALL MY EYES OUT it's My Dog Skip. I can't watch it. It's very sweet, but I can't watch it!!! Too sad. Way way WAYYYY too sad. The biggest tearjerker I've ever seen.

Connor D (gb) wrote: I may be biased since Jimmy Fallon is one of my favorite celebrities, and I find this to be one of only two good movies with him in it, the other being the great "Almost Famous," but I found this to be a light hearted, fun romantic comedy/sports movie about addiction and tradition that needs to be broken every once in a while. Fallon and Barrymore both have great chemistry, and there is a perfect balance of light hearted fun and serious emotion that comes with every relationship. It's no "500 Days of Summer," but "Fever Pitch" is a great time waiting to be had. 8.7/10

jesse k (ag) wrote: how can a erotic thriller movie like this can get green lighting it, can have all of stuff like predictable thriller, over the top acting, and a messy plot. Its can be comedy into it self.

Spookie M (it) wrote: Whoa! This is a very surreal 80s scifi horror and it deserves a cult film status for how outrageous it is! There is blood, slime and bladder effects galore. If you are a fan of 80s trash this is must see!

Tit M (es) wrote: un bijou de cynisme du pur blier

Pablo R (au) wrote: An expressionist experiment fashioned after Georg Kaiser's Play of that tittle and reportedly shown in no country other than Japan. A teller, who is in his desire to exchange everyday life for something great and beautiful wastes the money of his bank on prostitutes and in night-clubs, and at the end, disappointed, kills himself to scape the police.

Jonathan G (au) wrote: Director, Tony Scott, has reached the depth of his action-thriller abilities here (pun intended). Solid acting, lightning dialogue (Tarantino?), and stylishly, yet moody cinematography to keep the suspense in a confined space. There are so many familiar faces and future rising stars in this film- it's a bit crazy. Rating: 8.25 / 10

Ranvis F (nl) wrote: Not as great as The Magnificent Seven, however, it's still good.

Jimmy M (nl) wrote: Mitchum and MacLaine are too very flawed people who start up a relationship. Very realistic, not like most romantic films but the film is too talky and becomes boring.