In Dreams Awake

In Dreams Awake

William Joseph Petrie painted screaming angels, talking cows, drag queens, cowboys, Elvis and Jonas Salk, landscapes lit by shooting stars, mammoth hearts beating wildly in the sky, ...

William Joseph Petrie painted screaming angels, talking cows, drag queens, cowboys, Elvis and Jonas Salk, landscapes lit by shooting stars, mammoth hearts beating wildly in the sky, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ed p (es) wrote: top gear is brilliant

Anonymous (es) wrote: It simple was amazing it summed up everything about the band's eventful history perfectly, combining tragedy, humour and music perfectly. Anyone who likes rock music should see this film

Daisy M (ru) wrote: i love this man."daddy, why is mommy crying?""because you're an ASSHOLE."

Brandon W (it) wrote: David Fincher always makes really well-made movies. The very techinal aspects of all his films are top-notch. The camera is very smooth, the colour palette is again very stylish, the score and soundtrack haunting and the acting is superb. David Fincher knows what he is doing. His films always suck in the audience even though not much is happening. This story for instance is based on the true story of a cartoonist getting obsessed with the Zodiac killing that took place in southern California in the late 60's and early 70's. When you start to create true stories, it gets harder to follow the classic Hollywood three-act structure. This film starts off very interesting with all the characters getting equal amount of screen-time and the creepy zodiac written letters begin to start coming in. Down the stretch, it starts to become a bit of a bore when the zodiac killer becomes absent in the story. While I can't really fault the filmmakers for this because this is a true story and the filmmakers were trying to depict the story as real as possible but it's something to take note of before you watch it. This is one of those films where many little clues are dropped here and there throughout the film and while many of them might fly under the radar or you may not remember all of them, they all come back at the end to make an impactful ending. Overall, this is a really well-made film. If you like David Fincher's other work like Gone Girl and the Social Network, I think you will enjoy this one.

Angela S (ag) wrote: <3 this! all time fav CS movie

Evan L (au) wrote: Pretty good movie about a single dad raising his two kids as best as he can.

dan b (fr) wrote: This movie takes itself way too seriously, it's basically Hot Dog The Movie without the comedy and loads of soap opera quality drama. I watch it but only because i'm a fan of the genre.

Del T (jp) wrote: Utter crap. There is no plot. A soft core porn travelogue disguised as a movie, Peter Gallagher and his uber hot girlfriend Darryl Hannah, vacation in Greece. They hook up with hot French girl at nude beach. Peter is shy, won't take off his clothes at nude beach. At first Darryl is jealous, but soon welcomes French babe into their threeway relationship. The only conflict is whether Peter will or will not take off his clothes in public and jump off a small cliff into the ocean with his two hottie girlfriends. Duh? Every guy's fantasy, yes, but as a movie, it's a joke. Grease director Randal Kleiser's costume budget was probably about 20 bucks, because clothing wasn't needed, because everyone in the movie is naked 90% of the time.

Dorianator F (ru) wrote: Boring movie. Good overall themes, and good writing. But, the acting was really bad and the movie was so slow. I wasn't very impressed.

Jacob M (ca) wrote: After the release of Rebecca, Alfred Hitchcock became one of Hollywood's most acclaimed and greatest directors of all-time. For his follow-up, Hitchcock took a risky move. He made a film showing the early threats that eventually became WWII and turned it into a thriller about foreign correspondents. While it was overshadowed, and still does to this day, by Rebecca, which beat out this film for Best Picture, that doesn't mean Foreign Correspondent should be avoided. Thanks to Foreign Correspondent, the film would help lead to American involvement in the war (it came out a year before the Pearl Harbor attack). Today, while the propaganda scenes might seem corny in some cases, it didn't bother me, and I had a fun time experiencing this film. Joel McCrea stars as Johnny Jones, an American journalist who is sent to Europe to look into the threats of upcoming war with Germany. When he witnesses a Dutch diplomat (Albert Basserman) murdered, Jones, under a disguised name, teams up with a peace activist named Carol Fisher (Laraine Day) and a British agent (George Sanders) to track the killers down before war begins. The film also stars Herbert Marshall as the peace-loving father of Day, Edmund Gwenn, long before he played Kris Kringle in Miracle on 34th Street, as a serial killer, and Hitchcock cameos in the first act walking past Joel McCrea in the London streets. The film features loads of suspenseful sequences from the famed director, and might be some of his most memorable, including a car chase between McCrea and an assassin, an infiltration scene in an "alternating windmill", a tense sequence inside the top of a cathedral, and in the climax, a scene involving a plane crash. They don't call him the Master of Suspense for nothing. Earlier, I said that this helped America enter WWII. Because of this, there are certain propaganda scenes in this film, especially towards the end. My belief in propaganda in movies is ignore things that seems forced in and if it works, always cheer for it. For Foreign Correspondent, this philosophy works. In the final scene, in a very moving speech, I felt proud to live in a country filled with (mostly) peace and safety. Call it cheesy or corny, but I thought these scenes were necessary for the story. Alfred Newman provides the score for this Hitchcock film, and while it's not the most thrilling music from a Hitchcock film (the creepiest come from scores of Bernard Hermann, Vertigo, Marnie, Psycho), Newman at least makes it an enjoyable listen, and it didn't feel like an underuse. As for the cast, it's mostly good. Joel McCrea, known for his roles in Preston Sturges comedies as Sullivan's Travels and The Palm Beach Story, is fantastic as the lead character. McCrea is strong in his fears of war and his final speech I mentioned earlier, very moving. Laraine Day was OK as the peace activist. She had the charisma and the charms alright, but when she and McCrea are together, the chemistry falls flat. I felt no emotional depth in the romantic passions and feelings for the two. Especially considering that Hitchcock perfected romantic tensions in Rebecca. Coming out of his strong role in Rebecca, George Sanders shines as the secret agent. Very memorable in every scene and is a scene-stealer for sure. I also thought Herbert Marshall was fascinating as the suspicious peace-keeper and I really enjoyed Edmund Gwenn as a serial killer. Who knew Kris Kringle was that violent? While the film lacked romantic depth between the two leads, and there could be some who feel annoyed by scenes of American propaganda, Foreign Corresponding is an entertaining Hitchcock thriller and deserves to get more attention. It may not be a true masterpiece (unlike Rebecca, Vertigo, or North by Northwest), but at least it's a fun ride.

Phillip S (kr) wrote: American Psycho (2000) C-97m. ? 1/2 D: Mary Harron. Christian Bale, Justin Theroux, Josh Lucas, Bill Sage, Chlo Sevigny, Reese Witherspoon. Unsuccessful adaption of Bret Easton Ellis novel about egotistical brute Bale, extremely successful businessman who kills people in his spare time. Film's only goal (and only purpose) is for an ironic satirical edge . . . and absolutely nothing else, despite Bale's dynamic performance. Climatic finale almost seems to belong in a different movie.

Jess L (nl) wrote: A treat to watch, simply put: a fun film.

GMan (de) wrote: DMX finest performance this was the DMX film to watch.. story was great and the way it was told was great!! Imma say it again DMX's FINEST PERFORMANCE