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The crooked manager of a taxicab company is out to drive the independent owners/drivers out of business through various tactics such as sabotage, beatings and intimidation. But he crosses ...

. . But he crosses . The crooked manager of a taxicab company is out to drive the independent owners/drivers out of business through various tactics such as sabotage, beatings and intimidation

In Fast Company is a great movie of Alexa. The released year of this movie is 1946. We can counted many actors in this movies torrent, such as Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Jane Randolph, Judy Clark, Bobby Jordan, William 'Billy' Benedict, David Gorcey, Douglas Fowley, Marjorie Woodworth, Charles D. Brown, Paul Harvey, Luis Alberni, Mary Gordon, Bernard Gorcey, George Eldredge. The kind of movie are Crime. The rating is 6.8 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

Alison F (it)

I did not rate or see this movie

Bradlee C (ca)

For a movie about driving "hard" it pretty much turned into a Sunday afternoon ride through the countryside. Cusack and Jane phone one in for a couple of paychecks

Daniela B (us)

) partly based on Zeffirelli's autobiography. . . What an endearing movie

Fernando Z (it)

and old time Favorite! in my collection obviosly ?

Giuliana L (ag)

I enjoyed this flash of nostalgia, especially compared with the currently airing Winter Olympics. There is some exciting footage from the racer's (Robert Redford) POV as he's racing down the slopes and the acting is understated but good. This movie came out a long time ago, but it's very well done

Jack H (fr)

liked it, maybe even loved it but that doesnt mean it was good. its entertaining but plotless, the characters are idiots and paper thin

Jacob H (kr)

I can't remember ever seeing a worse movie. It was terrible. It bugs me that this movie does not have lower ratings

Meiyolet M (nl)

Plus, I'd like to have all the clothes the women wear in the movie. There are certain messages that I don't agree with, but it does an excellent job of portraying life in the Soviet Union. I love this movie

Rangan R (gb)

10. 4. That is what it is good at. So film like this cannot be recommended, but if you decide to watch, don't expect anything other than just an entertainment or timepass. Can be watched once, but instantly forgettable film. This film was okay, if you are not looking for a masterpiece thriller. So it is expected, but not expected to fail all their attempts. Lately they and many other aged actors are into such films. The actors like Cusack and De Niro are the advantage, but this is not an ideal film for such actors. With the limited cast, everyone got a fair share of screen. During waiting for his boss, the bag man goes through unexpected events which eventually taking many turns, that comes to an end with a twist. A gangster boss hires a hit-man for an important job that he must safeguard a bag till he arrive to get it in an isolated motel. Most of the film takes place in one night with full of mixup and going after the truth. This is a one day tale. More or less, everything is predictable, except the end twist. It is engaging with a fine pace, but visually all the crucial film scenes looked so flat or comparable with other classic films. I was not impressed with the writing and also the direction. The plot line had all the ingredients, but while developing it, they had lost the way. It was a good mystery, though they did not get it right. An interesting angle of storytelling. A mystery bag in the hands of an obedient man!As the title suggests, it's all about the bag, a mystery bag