In God We Rust

In God We Rust

Lewis Black takes on pretentious politicians, sell-out celebrities and all those things and ideas you thought you could trust. Using his acerbic wit and personal wise-cracks, he reminds us ...

Lewis Black takes on pretentious politicians, sell-out celebrities and all those things and ideas you thought you could trust. Using his acerbic wit and personal wise-cracks, he reminds us ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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franco w (de) wrote: I love this movie!!!!!!!

Maksim B (fr) wrote: Filled with anger and rage, Route Irish is a realistic, emotionally gripping art house drama which, despite its over-the-top dramatic moments, succeeds in revealing the ugly face of war-reality. Focused not on the war itself, but on what the war creates in terms of attitude, vulgarity towards life and the human beings, Route Irish is not only a tense detective story but a realistic depiction of the "contracted soldiers" and their lives. The detective story in which an ex-contractor tries to find out the truth about his friend's death is central in Ken Loach's movie, but the story is only a tool to unfold one more ugly side of the war on terror. On the negative side, the main vehicle of the movie (the detective story) loses its grip on the audience with its predictability and growing dramatic moments. Its tragic final could have been much more powerful if the last minutes had not been so painfully melodramatic. Route Irish is a very angry and well made movie, which unfortunately loses part of its steam and rage towards the end. Still it remains one of hte better war-related art house dramas.

Ian S (br) wrote: Better than 2 but no where near as good as the first one.

Wahida K (br) wrote: A cute Movie. A family who Kick A and a lot of LOLs

MrScoreCrave (it) wrote: I highly recommend this documentary that reviews the insane American history of the opposition to the homosexual lifestyle. I only wish it was more up to date. (It was made in 1993). It really makes one appreciate how far we have come and the LGBT community that stood (and still stand) courageously against ignorance and prejudice. It is available free in Netflix instant streaming.

Kat R (ca) wrote: I like how the peppering of Spanish throughout the film is not subtitled. Haunting docudrama about the Nicaraguan civil war.

Josu G (br) wrote: Dirty Mary Crazy Larry might not be a masterpiece of cinema as it does not have a brilliant, complex or original production in general, but it has its own interesting charm that makes it a worthy wild ride, from beginning to end (especially with the ending - one of the most remembered in cinema).

Mik F (de) wrote: Fantastic crime flick of the 70s!!

Billie W (de) wrote: Meh. Mostly I liked the whore's dresses and the deaf girl's dress in the jungle. Otherwise, I wasn't much impressed. Herzog's wandering around in the jungle movies are all better.

Lauri L (kr) wrote: Surprising and quite interesting take on western with lot of comic relief. Shirley Temple possesses charmisma to illuminate the screen. Contradictions between indians and white people is handled pretty cleverly. The finish is deeply dissapointing with not enough detail or motivation why Henry Fondas leader of the army acts the way he does.

Sanjay T (es) wrote: A slow story which is a lot!

Johnny R (es) wrote: a great true story about an underdog in Philadelphia. except this time 8th about football lol. loved mark Wahlberg the cast was good a decent watch for any football fan

Danielle C (nl) wrote: Abit slow 2 strt with but once it gets into what he went through its a gud film

Becca C (kr) wrote: Awesome movie. Again Kilmer is outstanding as Doc! The accent with lines such as " I'm you huckleberry" made him center stage.

Thomas K (br) wrote: It's really bad; wonderfully deliciously awful, in fact. This horror film about a man who has a demon living in his intestines will leave you squealing in delight.. Yes, you read all that right. A must see for fans of this kind of thing.