In Harihar Nagar

In Harihar Nagar

4 unemployed men who are in Harihar Nagar tries to impress a newly came girl next door.The story goes to the next level when a mysterious man comes and asks for a missing box.

Four loafers, one beautiful girl next door, and a murder mystery. Utterly hilarious. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jimmy M (ca) wrote: A heart warming and charming story that manages to be sentimental without feeling totally manipulative.

Tara G (nl) wrote: I had seen this movie on Sci-Fi channel a few days ago. It was not as entertaining to me, especially when the "battle" preparation was occurring. After seeing the werewolf and the main character's transformation toward the beginning which I had enjoyed, the movie did not continue to keep me interested. I had watched the whole movie but toward the end, I did not care anymore (so I actually do not remember much). One actress looked familiar to me throughout the movie, I kept thinking she starred in a television show...and I remember Disney channel's Even Stevens. Oh, I thought the vampires looked interesting, especially the eyes of the main vampire leader who woke up Lilith. The eyes were scary but interesting.

eliabeth m (mx) wrote: What if the woman you loved was kidnapped in the middle of the night by demons? Lo is an independent horror-comedy hybrid that has all the ingredients to become a new cult classic. Going out to dinner alone is just another ordinary day for Justin (Ward Roberts) until a beautiful quirky woman named April spontaneously sits down at his table. The two quickly become inseparable. Unfortunately wearing his heart on his sleeve, Justin soon realizes that the honeymoon is over. One seemingly peaceful night turns into a twisted nightmare. A revolting creature attacks Justin in his bedroom and mysteriously vanishes along with April. Left confused and heartbroken he must now face the most bizarre challenge he has ever dealt with. Desperate for answers he turns to the only possession April has left behind, The Book Of The Dead. Justin decides to use a ritual that summons a helpful demon named Lo. With only a circle drawn on the floor for protection he reads the passage and is pulled in to an ominous dimension. Surrounded by complete darkness Justin is overwhelmed by strange encounters with some frightening maladjusted characters. Now slowly losing a grip on reality his only hope is to try and trust his new demonic pal Lo. This film has a very clever storyline and the dialogue is amusing with just the right amount of cheesiness. It is one of the few more creative and original B horror films I have seen since the early 90?s. Even being low budget they managed to still convey a fantasy feel. My only concern is at times the movie seems to slow down and certain scenes are a little too stretched out, but they are still entertaining. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of independent comedy/horror films (ex: The Evil Dead Trilogy).

Mara A (nl) wrote: Eh, it was okay. I was like 13 so I liked it, but only barely.

Ryan Gibbons (es) wrote: I did not even realize what was going on until about 15 minutes in, it takes forever to get going and it really isn't that interesting and comes across as desperate. While it offers a couple of laughs it really just tries its best and fails to inspire us. Lets take a guy who thinks he cant be a teacher and then have him realize that he can teach, wow ...... how creative.

Gimly M (gb) wrote: While not strictly speaking a HorrorComedy, Arachnophobia is a very light hearted creature feature that scores massive points for its effects, and not much else.

Michael W (it) wrote: Asylum escapee takes revenge against psychiatrists who institutionalized him at his trial. Perhaps he could be more appreciative of being committed instead of doing hard time in prison. It seems his defence lawyer escaped blame in the ordeal.

Justin B (br) wrote: Great movie robbed of half a star by William's TV movie-esque performance. If only it'd been an underacting Pacino in his role... Ending scene is killer.

WakeWRC89 (ca) wrote: Patrick Bateman. Simply brilliant ...

Michal G (us) wrote: pas mal, a se laisse voir

Slade W (ca) wrote: Artistic, gory, and incredibly fun.

Frank M (ru) wrote: unforgettable performances and a powerful story from Ernest Hemingway delivers something very special.