In Her Line of Fire

In Her Line of Fire

When the Vice President's plane goes down near a remote Pacific island, he is kidnapped by rebel forces and held for ransom. It is up to his female Secret Service agent and a press secretary to infiltrate the camp and save him.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ocean,   murder,   battle,  

When the Vice President's plane goes down near a remote Pacific island, he is kidnapped by rebel forces and held for ransom. It is up to his female Secret Service agent and a press secretary to infiltrate the camp and save him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raghav G (us) wrote: lovely,cant get better

Damian M (ag) wrote: Stupid. Drew Barrymore sucks!

Dave E (de) wrote: funny if you take it as a comedy horror :o)

Zane F (de) wrote: It's gripping and thrilling in the numerical mysterious sort of sense, but in the long run, Pi just doesn't make sense. It never really does a good job explaining what's happening so I can guarantee you'll be confused for most of the film.

Walter M (fr) wrote: With his hybrid film "Level Five," Chris Marker rambles on more than usual, especially the segments involving Laura(Catherine Belkhodja).(If anyone can tell me what the toy parrot is supposed to symbolize, I would appreciate it.) But once he finds his focus, he really gets on a roll, even anticipating the rise of the internet and Clint Eastwood's masterful diptych "Flags of Our Fathers/Letters from Iwo Jima," while warning about the temptation to rewrite history. The particular bit of history that Marker is obsessed with here is the Battle of Okinawa, the last battle of World War II and one of the most fatal ever, especially as applied to civilian populations. As he points out, the Japanese military authorities sacrificed this distant province in the hope that it would deter the Americans from invading. Instead, Marker claims it led directly to the dropping of the first atomic bombs. I disagree. I think the Americans would have dropped them anyway on Japan as they felt they had to show off their shiny new toys to the Soviet Union.

Joe E (fr) wrote: As far as late night movies go, this one deserves some recognition. with a very well done performance from Tilda Swinton, and smooth direction the movie seems pretty good. Aparently adapted from the novel from a feminest and I can see how. The movie screams on just how the female mind works, for that this really is a chick flick. I've seen some wierd movies, but this one is one of the wierdest. Pretty good, with a decent morality rate, and good heart to the profoundness, keep such in depth to the reality behind on what the movie is based on. the movie takes on what so few movies dare to follow.

Eric N (de) wrote: I don't care what the critics have to say!!! This movie was AMAZING. 10/10 A++++++++++++

E L (de) wrote: Good script, good leads, a movie that leaves a sad-happy feeling.

Stuart P (de) wrote: This awesome movie stars Rudy Ray Moore, D'Urville Martin, and a boom mike in the classic tale of quite possibly one of the Baddest Bad-asses ever to grace the screen. Rudy Ray Moore is Dolemite, and vice-versa: a cool gut-rippin' pimp with an army of fine female kung-fu killers and a distinct hatred for people that eat rat soup. Dolemite was framed by some bad cops, and released from prison to take down Willie Green, whom some folk say is the Baddest mother the world has EVER seen. Well, he's not, cause the movie is named after Dolemite. Dolemite has to get back his club from the notorious Green, dodge two crooked cops with a penchant for coke and having red pockets on blue jeans, randomly kick or shoot "bad guys" to death, rap in the early '70s style, and try to get laid as often as possible - all in a span of 90 minutes. And he does it too! You know why? "Cause he's Bad! Mmm-hmm. The man is out of sight!" Dolemite kicks ass with ease. And by that, I mean he can send someone flying into the trunk of a car with barely a leg lift. When two bored lookin' thugs break into Hamburger Pimp's hole-in-the-wall, Dolemite karate chops their offense into blunders before turning their own guns against them, all the while barely more than a little annoyed at the intrusion. Dolemite is so awesome that the air from his punches can cause mouths to bleed. And he's got, quite possibly, the sweetest living room known to man. Red shag carpet. Blue velvet couch. A bar permanently crowded with naked, or nearly-naked, women and mirrors everywhere. Willie Green, however, isn't much of a villain for Dolemite. In fact, he doesn't have near enough screen time as the boom mike, who starts off its film career with a few peep-ins before finally becoming a part of the scene when Dolemite and Queen Bee are evaluating his karate killers. Willie is there to be evil alongside the diminutive mayor, played by Mario of video game fame, and spends most of his time being screechy and shirtless until Dolemite shows him just how Bad he can be. And how Bad is Dolemite? Dolemite can get shot in the heart, and move the wound to his lower arm. Now that is Bad. "Oh Dolemite I'm so happy."

Irene S (it) wrote: pretty good movie abput the story of Dracula and how he became dracula and why his decisions on saving his son had more to do with greed and less to do with selfishness.

Adam R (br) wrote: (First and only full viewing - 2/14/2011)

Paul D (it) wrote: The animation is good, but it's quite a gritty setting and bunch of characters and the visual represent this. Coupled with a storyline that gets deep in places this isn't exactly designed with just young children in mind for its audience.