In Hiding

In Hiding

In the spring of 1944 in Poland, near the end of WWII, Janina faces a huge change in her life when her father decides to offer a shelter to his Jewish friend’s daughter Ester. One day, her father is arrested and Janina starts to take care of Ester by herself and in doing so secret emotions rise between them.

In the spring of 1944 in Poland, near the end of WWII, Janina faces a huge change in her life when her father decides to offer a shelter to his Jewish friend's daughter Ester. One day, her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gurv M (jp) wrote: Funny at times, dodgey acting, hilarious british comedy

Theo G (jp) wrote: An okay movie, based on gustave the man-eater croc.

Shawn S (nl) wrote: This is not particularly funny and it's not as creative or interesting as its predecessor. It also has some poor special effects and sub-par writing.That said, it's not completely charmless and the cast is great.

Dane P (it) wrote: Pretentious art flick with an incredibly messy script

Salim I (mx) wrote: Just a sad movie, I barely remember watching this, but I remember how sad it was. But this movie is also heartwarming and luckily, not too sentimental with the story.

Cooper H (ru) wrote: Everything Must Go takes Will Ferrell into a more dramatic role where he deals with loss, abuse, and much more. He does not ever find real happiness which makes this a somewhat depressing film to watch.

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Shawn W (ca) wrote: Subject 20 developed by an isolated genetic engineering research lab to help fight the galatic food crisis goes on a killing spree but its nothing that feeding it a cancerous tumor from a dying doctor can't fix. Liked the synthesizer score.

Norm V (ru) wrote: Japanese equivalent of Plan 9 from Outer Space, only cheaper! Better than Godzilla, any day. Worst "special effects" in movie history. Oh, and don't miss it.

Dave J (es) wrote: Tuesday, September 3, 2013 (1956) Jubal WESTERN Said by several movie critics that it works partially like a play from a Shakespeare play called "Othello" even though it's originally adapted from a novel written by Paul Wellman. The movie stars Glenn Ford coincidently getting picked up while passed out lying on the ground by a person who happens to be passing through while riding a wagon by cattle owner Shep Horgan played by film veteran Ernest Borgnine. Anyways, as he's hanging around in a cabin it is soon revealed that he used to work as a sheep man and gets scolded by other worker Pinky (Rod Steiger) setting the stage for tension and for total control. Theirs also a woman involved in this set up as well who happens to be the wife of the cattle owner her name is Naomi (Felicia Farr) but does not seem to be in love with the person she is married to. I have to say while I was watching this, the movie didn't remind me of "Othello" but two previous movies also starring Glenn Ford,. From the movie's point-of-view, this film reminded me of "Gilda" because it too was also that film which the male star refuses intimate advances from the owners wife which almost works in the same manner as the character played by Rita Hayworth and the other movie is another Western movie called "Sheepman". I just thought much of the third act was predictable which was the reason why it deserves just a pass. 2.5 out of 4 stars

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Donald P (ca) wrote: This is a funny, scary movie. Has Betty White in it, do I need to say more? About a giant Croc. who eats people. But the laughs calm the horror a bit. Worth watching.

Arcot Sai A (us) wrote: Seriously very deep story line with warping story could have been made far better than expected