In Lieu of Flowers

In Lieu of Flowers

Most love stories are about losing love or finding it. This is a story about what happens in between.

Most love stories are about losing love or finding it. This is a story about what happens in between. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike L (au) wrote: Definitely recommend this movie to anyone.

Leslie A (us) wrote: What a great his father..the premise is just wonderful...and you get pulled in immediately..

Saad K (it) wrote: You May Not Kiss the Bride - TRASH IT (C-)YOU MAY NOT KISS THE BRIDE is a charming tale of adventurous high jinx and budding romance involving an unassuming pet photographer (Annable) who is thrown head first into a series of unforeseeable events when he's forced to marry a Croatian mobster's daughter (McPhee) and spend his honeymoon at a secluded Tahitian resort where the bride is kidnapped.Everything is wrong in this movie from the beginning, you have serious actor Dave Annabel playing a rom-com lover then you've an American Katherine McPhee playing a Croatian girl. C'mon change the characterization if you wanted to cast these two together. Dave Annabel & Katherine McPhee try to do their best but they're mismatch and miscast in the movie.Mena Suvari don't care about blows to her acting career as since American Beauty & American Pie franchise she has not done anything worth remembering. Even still Rob Schneider, Kathy bates, Tia Carrer & Mena Suvari try to bring some comic relive in the movie.On the whole, it's a time pass but very tedious predictable movie, better not waste your time and brains on it.

Bryan G (it) wrote: [font=Courier New]A jealous ex-girlfriend returns to her lover days before his Wedding to another women. After see threatens to ruin his wedding, the man unwillingly takes part in her death. Now her spirit haunts him, driving him mad. Sounds like a great story, right? I?ll admit I thought so too. But this movie does nothing with it, and just goes for cheap scares. And none of them are genuine enough for you to even think they are anything more than foolish. I know the film was made a long time ago, and special effects have gotten way better. That isn?t the problem for me. Effects can look as fake as possible, but so long as they are used correctly I can accept them. I think this film might be a film that someone could remake and do something better with it. If you want to see this movie, go ahead. But I recommend that you stay away from this. [/font]

Jonathon J (fr) wrote: i loved this movie till youtube removed it

Keenan S (de) wrote: Killing Me Softly is a goofy, unintentionally funny, and oddly stylish erotic thriller. In the tradition of other goofy erotic/thriller films like Sliver, Color Of Night, Basic Instinct 1 & 2, In The Cut, and Passion (The 2012 Brian De Palma version), comes a film no fan of camp should miss out on. It is a gleefully stupid and hilarious film that is waiting to be discovered as the next camp classic. Marvel at the terrible script, gloriously awful dialogue, campy acting, jaw-droppingly awful plot twists, and artsy direction to complement the cheesy tone of the film, and you've got a howler of a film.The film focuses on a woman named Alice who is a web designer from Illinois who is now living and working in London who enjoys her job and is even in a long-term relationship with a boyfriend whom she is living with. Still, something seems to be missing in her life.That all changes during a chance encounter on the street with a man named Adam Tallis. During that chance meeting, there is an instant spark between the two, which results in an intense sexual encounter before they end up parting ways.This one moment causes a massive shift in Alice's life, and she pursues the man who is named Adam, who is struggling with the guilt from a mountain climbing accident which cost the lives of all the members of his mountain climbing team, including his fiance at the time.Alice ends up leaving her boyfriend and moves in with Adam, which soon results in a marriage proposal, which she is ecstatic about. But in the midst of such happiness, Alice begins to receive mysterious letters and phone calls warning her about Adam's past, which she blows off, going forward with the wedding plans (As well as more intense sexual encounters). But as the letters and warnings continue, a seed of doubt is planted in her mind, and she is determined to get to the bottom of the potential mystery at hand, unearthing shocking secrets that threaten her life.The story has a lot of interesting ideas, but they are lost in a sea of cheesy character development, an abundance of trashy sex scenes, and plot twists that will have you simultaneously laughing and scratching your head as they unfold. The story is ultimately a mess of romance, thriller, eroticism, and other elements, culminating in many moments worthy of chuckles or outbursts of full blown laughter because of how utterly ridiculous they are. The story is only entertaining on a trashy, campy sort of level. However, I was legitimately compelled during the first 30 minutes of the film before it suddenly derailed into madness and hilarity. While I enjoyed the campy qualities quite thoroughly as a lover of B-movies, it's a shame that a promising start fell apart.The actors try their hardest and I really can't fault them. It's the fault of a shoddy the script that ultimately dooms them, because they really do try to make the material work. I do have to compliment them for being able to retain a straight face, even during the particularly ludicrous moments of the film (Especially the last 15 or so minutes which produce some of the biggest gut-busting moments in the film). But I will legitimately compliment the performances of the leads, Heather Graham and Ralph Fiennes, because I do feel they did a solid job, even with all the ridiculous shit going on in the film.Oh man, for entertainment, if you like thrillers filled with gaping plot holes, cheesy characters, and howlers for plot twists, you're in for a real treat, B-movie fan. If you come to watch this film looking for a legitimately good erotic thriller, you will hate it, and your head will probably explode trying to rationalize all the ridiculous things you are seeing.Killing Me Softly is a glorious trainwreck for an erotic thriller. It's a B-movie classic that is waiting to be discovered by connoisseurs of crap because it offers so much entertainment value. Unless you are a B-movie fanatic, stay the hell away from this film.

Alex B (de) wrote: Two kidnappings: one brutal massacre, and one daring, heroic rescue.The police: "Boss, here's an anarchist pamphlet! 'Black and Red'--it's obvious!" "Idiot! That's a novel by Stendhal!"The anarchist terrorist: "Treuffais chickened out. He's an intellectual. He'll go on eating shit all his life, saying thanks and casting blank votes. History's got no room for shit eaters! I drink to us, the desperadoes! I don't give a damn whether I'm politically dumb or not! History made us, and that proves civilization's going to hell, one way or another! I'd rather die in blood than in a pile of shit!"The conclusion: "Leftist and State-controlled terrorism, though their motives can't be compared, are the two jaws of the same idiotic trap. The State hates terrorism, but prefers it to revolution. When each man realizes the need to destroy the State, the State tries to destroy everything. Since it must come to an end, it tries to destroy all. Thus the desperado assassin becomes a type of behavior consumable by Society. The State has chosen between revolt and death, and hopes all will make the same choice. It's a trap for revolutionaries, and I fell into it. I'm not the only one. And that makes me shit. Criticizing terrorism does not condemn civil war. A good civil war is worth more than a rotten peace."

Scott C (it) wrote: Redford and Fonda have oodles of chemistry in this and damn she looks good, but it's not very dramatic or funny or whatever else it was supposed to be.

Paul D (es) wrote: A decent yarn about the little man vs the big man, although the supposed humour is a little thin on the ground.

Jens S (us) wrote: The story of Martin Luther King's efforts to give black Americans the right to vote in the 1960s is mostly engaging and interestingly portrayed. Some conversations could have used some trimming, there are a few slow parts. But the acting is top notch, especially Oyelowo is fantastic during King's speeches. It is the ending with original footage from the walk that is particularly touching and well done. Especially when you realize what a step backwards we seem to be taking currently.

Benjamin F (jp) wrote: I would have preferred season 2 of firefly, but Serenity is surely entertaining and an impressive film. The characters are still awesome. Thanks Joss Whedon!