In MacArthur Park

In MacArthur Park

Struggling to survive amid urban squalor in downtown Los Angeles, transplanted Mojave Indian Triam Lee sees no other option but crime to support his family. But when he unintentionally commits murder, Triam must face the repercussions of his actions, including pursuit by racist cops, as well as his own sense of guilt. Shot in 1977, Bruce Schwartz's stark yet moving film was one of the first to star a Native American in a lead role.

This is the story of a Mojave from the reservation struggling to make a living and support his family. He ends up in L.A. trying unsuccessfully to find a job. Finally, in desperation, he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ching T (us) wrote: This period piece was perfectly framed with a complex romantic and political intrigue set in post WWII/Holocaust era in France that unfortunately fizzled which I blame entirely on the dull actress Melanie Thierry. **SPOILER ALERT** She failed to convey the complex emotions of a character who survived and escaped the horrors of concentration camps to having the audacity to betray her savior husband by flirting with the notion of an extramarital affair with his brother. I remember that this was the same actress in the equally dull "The Princess of Montpensier" who killed what could have been a romantic swashbuckling story by failing to convince as the titular princess capable of inspiring so many men to kill for her affections.

Regina O (nl) wrote: My second experience with Yorgos Lanthimos and it was completely unregrettable. He has already set himself apart in my eyes by his distinct use of pretty cinematography juxtaposed with a deeply emotionally disturbing storyline (i.e., the final scene of the movie).

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Ciaran M (ag) wrote: This movie is honestly too fast-paced, and doesn't make much sense. I think Disney made it to sell toys, and nothing else.

Samantha H (fr) wrote: another film that just shows how good a writer Joel Edgerton is! he writes films that make you question human nature and action in a way no other can!

Mackenie B (br) wrote: This movie reminds me of my friend Nic hmmmmm wonder y that is

David N (it) wrote: Pretty slow, but a nice ending caps it off well.

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Jason S (ru) wrote: i thought it was somewhat funny

CJ C (fr) wrote: A tv fav. Tab Hunter is so sexy. And Ive just been informed that he is still alive lol.

Allan C (us) wrote: Kind of a mini King film adaptation that's somewhat forgotten, but it's a solid little bit of horror. It's a pretty simple concept. A gentle giant saint bernard is bitten by rabbit bat and then goes all rabid himself. This was only the fifth King story to receive a feature film treatment. It's not his greatest story, but it's a solid little story that's suspensfully directed by Lewis Teague, has a strong cast, including Daniel Hugh Kelly (that guy from Hardcastle & McCormic), Ed Lauter and ET's mom Dee Wallace Stone, who gives an amazing performance as a terrified mom trying to protect her sick son from the killer dog. Stephen King has actually stated that he feels Dee Wallace gives the best performance in this film of any film or TV adaptation of his books, including Kathy Bates in Misery. Charles Bernstein did the score and Jan de Bont photographed the film.

Timm S (nl) wrote: Intresting & Insightful..However I Feel A Little Sorry For The Invasiveness Upon Peoples Lifes. I Find All We Learn Form These Things Is History Is Destined To Be Repeated & The Mistakes Of Our Past Cannot Be Undone.

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