In Memory of Me

In Memory of Me

Investigates the life a young man who has decided to enter a Jesuit monastery in Venice, but is then overcome by agonizing doubts before his ordination.

Andrea is an intelligent, handsome young man who seems to have everything necessary to succeed. But the worlds infinite possibilities have only confused him... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnny B (us) wrote: A weird one, but an excellent exercise in dark absurdity, as well as strange framing and focusing choices. Also, by the end, spoilers, it had me wondering who was working for who.

Julia P (br) wrote: I got lost somewhere inside this conspiracy, but nontheless the movie is thrilling and absorbing.

Rod C (fr) wrote: Absorbing, beautiful film on the box recently. Moves at European rather than Hollywood pace!

Maxim D (jp) wrote: Special Effects are good for kids and those who do not watch Hollywood movies. As far as Indian Cinema is concerned this movie a huge let down after watching Rajnikanth's Robot directed by Shankar

Ryan T (es) wrote: This movie probably deserves a half star but making fun of it was enjoyable enough for me to add one more.

Kevin G (us) wrote: The story was pretty engaging and the actors do a decent job making this movie interesting. I felt the script writing was pretty good too. Some funny moments were thrown in for good measure which was definitely needed for a movie this serious. You will get emotionally attached to the main actor and what he is trying to do against all odds.It's too bad the ending was a huge letdown. The suspense and buildup to the end of the movie was fantastic but the end result was very disappointing.

Faye G (jp) wrote: i was so excited bout this movie but it was a snoozer, the flow of the movie is so slow...

Troy H (ca) wrote: Romero's first film in years is uneven but not without interest.

Aigner F (au) wrote: I like it because my favorite actress Jennifer Beals is in it she makes it quite the movie but it's just another plan hijacked movie you seen one you seen them all......,

Sarah L (jp) wrote: It looks incredibly interesting and Sam Waterston's in it!!!!

Michael L (jp) wrote: finally, this is available on DVD. i have been waiting years to see this, ozu's first masterpiece. this is definetely superior to the remake, good morning. i was born, but... is actually at times very funny and touching, with the usual ozu touch that adds warmth and tenderness to family dramas.

Eric H (ru) wrote: Land Ho! is an enjoyable, road adventure comedy. It's not the greatest movie ever, but as a piece of entertainment, it works extremely well. The actors' chemistry, along with the humor, helps to make the film enjoyable to watch. You don't see many road movies like Land-Ho made these days.

Yash B (kr) wrote: While its utterly stupid at many points, it also can be mildly amusing at times. It's not really a good film but it won't hurt to watch once and enjoy the laughs and chuckles ahead even though the story is ridiculous.