In Old Arizona

In Old Arizona

Army Sergeant Mickey Dunn sets out in pursuit of the Cisco Kid, a notorious if kind-hearted and charismatic bandit of the Old West. The Kid spends much of his loot on Tonia, the woman he loves, not realizing that she is being unfaithful to him in his absence. Soon, with her oblivious paramour off plying his trade, Tonia falls in with Dunn, drawn by the allure of a substantial reward for the Kid's capture -- dead or alive. Together, they concoct a plan to ambush and do away with the Cisco Kid once and for all.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1928
  • Language:English,Spanish,Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:robbery,   deception,   mexican,  

A charming, happy-go-lucky bandit in old Arizona plays cat-and-mouse with the sheriff trying to catch him while he romances a local beauty. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben F (nl) wrote: Suckers for crime films, laughter, and good acting will find this at the very least "enjoyable." Lacked some coherence in its final act and ended sort of abruptly, but what proceeded it was worth the ride.

Alex K (fr) wrote: Better then what I fort it would be

Ivan W (ru) wrote: Interesting, quite enjoyable.

James H (ag) wrote: Painfully boring and tedious, in spite of an impressive cast of actors. I had a hard time getting through the whole film, and to add insult to injury, Bob Dylan sings. Why, if you can't sing or even hit the right notes, would you become a singer? It'sd like a blind person becoming a proof reader. His voice is dreadful.

Apuu N (de) wrote: I wanted to walk out of this movie it was so bad but it was outdoors and free so just kept drinking and it didn't get better. Sometimes it's fun to see if a movie holds up to modern times, even in a campy, politically incorrect manner, this one doesn't.

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Casey P (it) wrote: great coming of age true story - must watch

George B (de) wrote: Don't know why this movie got so many bad reviews, I found it to be well done, an enjoyable crime movie that provides a look at the inside New York's Chinese gangs.

Anthony K (mx) wrote: Hey! You there!! Ya know what? ...I kinda like Rocky V, okay?Let's start with the problems, because they certainly are glaringly obvious:*Rocky acts like he is truly retarded throughout this one, rather than the sweet-natured oaf he played previously*The scene in the gym where he sees Mickey talking to his younger(?) self is hack as f*ck*Robert needs to shut the hell up and get that weird earring off of his head*Paulie manages to literally give away all of the family's money by signing a single piece of paper (off screen)But there's a lot of good here, too:*The relationship with Tommy Gunn, a talented hot head who ultimately fails because he lacks Rocky's heart (Adrian's speech about this really well encapsulates the appeal of this series)*The ending fight scene with Tommy is bad ass*The weird, avant-garde black and white, "Jeremy's Spoken" style montage*The emphasis on Rocky's PTSD following the Drago fight, which actually retroactively makes the impossibility of that previous feat more palatable*George Duke Washington's scenery chewing

M C (it) wrote: Dumb, but will entertain the young ones. 43/100