In Our Name

In Our Name

Suzy's a British soldier, born and bred, but fitting back into civilian life after fighting in Iraq isn't easy. Haunted by the responsibility she feels for the death of an Iraqi child, she becomes obsessed with the safety of her own daughter, feeling the need to protect her against a threat that doesn't seem to exist. As Suzy's paranoia builds, her behaviour becomes more and more erratic, until finally, she puts her own child in serious danger.

Suzy's a British soldier, born and bred, but fitting back into civilian life after fighting in Iraq isn't easy. Haunted by the responsibility she feels for the death of an Iraqi child, she ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abhilash S (ag) wrote: Now here's another one by the Yash Raj Films & yet again, they are with another romantic flick. After some tragic releases, they are finally here with a bang. Unlike other previous Yash Raj movies like Aaja Nachle, Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Tashan etc., this movie has nothing senseless or boring stuff. And also this one is not like the other usual romantic flicks, it has enough popcorn crackling moments for you to enjoy this movie. We surely have seen all these kinds of stuffs earlier in typical Hollywood romantic movies, but Bollywood had its first. The movie is about Raj's young life from 18, till 30. Raj (Ranbir) is a typical flirty guy, who only needs the chicks for his own entertainment. And while going through his life, he goes through three main people in his life, in specific periods. The girls are Mahi (Minissha), Radhika (Bipasha) & Gayatri (Deepika) & deals with various problems. Bollywood surely lacked a genuine romantic movie & 'Bachna Ae Haseeno', probably gives Bollywood, one of the best romantic comedy ever made. Although it might remind you of Hollywood stuffs, but still, the movie has its own style. The performances, plays a very important part of the movie & they are amazing. Everyone was really very good in the movie. Ranbir, he definitely is heart-throb of loads of girls, also he is talented. He does his dance steps well, has good looks & he is good with his acting too. Bipasha Basu, now she is the one, who always draws guys' eyes over herself, she did acted well & also was at her sexiest best. 'Bips', you look absolutely beautiful & sexy in the movie, you rock. Minissha, she is so pretty & cute, she did her part well. Deepika, another gorgeous new girl in 'B-town'. She does her part fine too. Anand has been improving a lot, his last movie, 'Ta Ra Rum Pum' was a sweet movie & 'Salaam Namaste' was fine too. But this one is probably the best by him so far. Good to see such an improvement. The story, it will definitely remind you of the blockbuster hit 'DDLJ', & it has been presented in a good way. The music of the movie was fine, every song were shot perfectly. The two songs, 'Khuda Jaane' & 'Ahista Ahista' will remain inside your mind, rest others are not very special. Background score by Salim-Sulaiman is amazing, good to see them back in form. The shooting locations & the looks of the movie are amazing & adds an extra impression for the movie. The actual thing that clicks in the movie is, overall presentation of the movie, the movie is presented in an attractive way. For guys, there are hot babes, for the girls, there is the chocolate-boy Ranbir & for movie lovers, there is some pure fun. Watch out for Ranbir, sexy Bips & some beautiful moments. Finally, a good movie in Bollywood, after a long time.

James O (ru) wrote: A nice documentary if you like football. I do, so give it 4 stars. If football bores you then this really won't be your cup of tea. That isn;t to say this is about football per se. Its about freestyle football and thr tricks on display are quite brilliant in places. In particular Jeremy Lynch steals the show and some of his youtube videos are testament to his freestyle sills. Well worth watching if you enjoy ball skills talent as Lynch in particular is right at the top of his game.

Brittney B (jp) wrote: This movie was fucking hilarious and without the mullet evo is hot!

alan j (fr) wrote: "Dazed and Confused" meets "The Shining"....this movie zig zags all over the place..definitely quirky and unpredictable. It moves slower than molasses and has that David Lynch feel to though the camera lens is 'fogged up' in terms of a clear storyline or character motivations. Most in the story seem either dazed or confused; however that has led me to laugh out loud in a few scenes. The actual viewing of the film is a test of endurance....the scenes are drawn out and long, most times with little action and sparse dialogue. I would characterize this more as a distorted drama that oozes strangeness. You, the viewer, get sucked in and involved, curious to see how it will all play out. In the end though, it's perhaps more a fable about the consequences involving yourself with odd people who experience bizarre events. Absence the warm light there is the cold dark. This movie explores lonliness, detachment and mental isolation ..this is indeed a cold, dark movie...just not an entertaining one or a joy to experience.

Till H (nl) wrote: Hard-to-get 90s corruption movie. It is hard-to-get in a double sense. First it is quite fragmented and parts of it feel disconnected as if made with a different overall picture in mind. Actually i would say it is two movies mixed into one. From point of view it is very HK, which can be good or bad. For me personally it doesn't work out. That is bad. In the second sense it is hard-to-get because it is very hard to get a hold of. In other words it's fu**ing rare (To get a copy I had to order from Japan). Also, what I had read about it sounded very good to me, so I had some expectations towards it that it could not meet. There is a lot of raw scenes, dark blood getting smeared over the steets, and as a bonus most of the time the screen is dyed in blue which makes a good contrast with the red of all this blood. Actors are doing fine. Lung Fong is a perfectly bad egg and has great co-villans such as John Ching Tung, or Ricky Yi Fan-Wai. Wilson Lam is not messing up. Max Mok is in his best hot tempered shape - unfortunately not for to long. And Joey is good-looking and victimized as always, while exemplarily and steadily hardening beyond comparison. It sounds more negative than it is. Along the way I think I mentioned all reasons for watching it. Choose one.

Dan G (it) wrote: A very impressive movie that manages to really draw you in despite having very little in the way of actual plot. The vagueness of the time period and social climate make the movie really fascinating, and the performances are very strong. It's nothing short of a crime that this film was unavailable on the home video market for so long.

Dale K (ag) wrote: Sit back and relax and you will love judgemental and fussy and you will love it but pretend to hate it.

Kris B (ca) wrote: Refreshing love story in reverse. Kind of like a romantic comedy version of Memento but without the head spin