In Our Nature

In Our Nature

A portrait of two couples at a crossroads. What was supposed to be a romantic getaway for two young lovers, turns into an uncomfortable confrontation when the young man's estranged father shows up ... with his own girlfriend. As their collisions mount, the weekend transforms into a major turning point for each of them.

A scheduling mistake leads to an estranged father and son sharing a vacation home with their respective girlfriends. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bethany C (ru) wrote: First off, based on a true story is a bit of an exaggeration. It was inspired by a true story, but this does not really represent the true crime it's based on. The true crime involved the girls being far more selfish and definitely not in the dire position they were in in this film. In the real situation, their mother WAS working two jobs and the girls just wanted better clothes and a swimming pool. The movie changed the story to make the girls far more sympathetic and desperate, seeking to protect themselves and their little brother from an abusive, neglectful situation.The movie ends and starts with cheesy failure in the kite flying fantasy. The "what if" fantasy mom gag was ridiculous and completely unnecessary. This film had a surplus of potential that, due to the plot and script choices and not the actors, was completely squandered. Honestly, this story would have been far more successful as a miniseries or something, where they could really explore the psyches of these girls. It should have been character driven, not plot driven.It's also marketed as a horror and it's not a horror, whatsoever. It's a drama.

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Catherine D (br) wrote: Don't watch this one! It isn't very good and the end isn't any better.

Robyn N (mx) wrote: Unfortunately, a stellar cast of seasoned actors doesn't compensate for the lack of a compelling story. Steve Buscemi delivers a realistic and authentic portrayal of surviving on the inside. Micky Rourke is unrecognizable and Eddie Furlong barely seems present until Tom Arnold tries to rape him. Well-made but nothing truly captivating.

Jason 123 D (ru) wrote: This film is incredible, to say the least. From start to finish, the film has an energy that continually draws the audience into the characters and forces them to see their point of view. Phenomenal visuals.

Eric H (es) wrote: Wes Cravens SHOCKER ranks as one of his worst efforts to date (and yes, that includes VAMPIRE IN BROOKLYN!). This film about a sadistic TV repairman coming back from the electric chair as an energy source doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Then again, it's so dull and dreary that you'll be too disappointed to notice. The climax is particularly unbearable; you won't know whether to laugh at it or with it... you'll likely just put in a different DVD.

Wes S (ag) wrote: Nothing spectacular. The story isn't so bad and the monster is ok, but the characters are uninteresting. Decent film to watch on MST3K.

James G (ca) wrote: awesome, freshmen in high school when this came out

Audrey F (br) wrote: lol luv it!!! gene Wilder is the best!

Ray J (br) wrote: Great nostalgia and slapstick humor from Hope and Crosby (best comedic chemistry on film I think).