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In Public


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  • Length:30 minutes
  • Release:2001
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  • Category:Short
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  • Country:China
  • Director:Zhangke Jia
  • Writer:Zhangke Jia

A fragmentary landscape for a little train station in a suburban area and a bus stop in a mining town. A lonely soldier in his heavy coat, a tired old man, a bubbly young lady, a punk, a woman waiting in the street... From all those different people in these unfamiliar places, we can feel the exhaustion of every life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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In Public torrent reviews

Soumyadeep C (kr) wrote: Simply brilliant! A BIG thanks to Kasturi for recommending it!

Blake B (nl) wrote: My body hurts just from watching it.

Josh Y (au) wrote: Girl gets raped by a demon. The end.

Janis S (de) wrote: fan-freakin-tastic. More like a movie than the first one. Wanted more laughs but loved the movie so much:)

Maria S (ca) wrote: It makes me wanna move to Wyoming :)

Ryan G (au) wrote: Incredible acting from all parts, this is the breakout performance Gosling needed

Jon C (au) wrote: this is insanely fucked upthe question as to whether the sister of the girl who gets killed in the church during the communion is actually a conundrum to think aboutthe music is screeching with terror, too making the whole thing mess with your mindI didn't really like the reveal near the end too much though and the acting is Z-level herebut for one of Brooke Shields' earlier films this horror movie will properly freak you out

Rob S (es) wrote: I think this story would be better fitted for a 2 hour drama, but the drama within this musical is still good and holds up the film nicely. I wasn't sure if I would be bothered by the fact that it is a musical, but honestly there wasn't as much music as I expected anyway, and I only thought one or two songs were unnecessary.In my opinion this film doesn't seem overly long even though it is a 2 hour 45 minute film. In fact, the best scenes in the film are the long, dramatic debates which the characters have with each other inside the Congress building. It keeps the film very enticing and questions ethics instead of just explaining how the Declaration came to be.The character of Benjamin Franklin is surprisingly very funny in this film. At one point, he even seems to make a phallic reference which I never thought would be part of the content for this film - but then again Shakespeare had hidden sexual jokes in his plays as well, and that was centuries before movies were made.One part of a scene that could have been omitted from the film in my opinion is when one of the colonies wants Jefferson's mention of slavery removed from the declaration. Since this movie was about America declaring their independence, this didn't seem to be a crucial part of the story, but this movie was highly about ethics so I suppose the filmmakers thought it was in the film's best interest to include this short debate.This is one of my new favorite "patriotic" movies, and I'll probably be watching it again around this time next year along with Yankee Doodle Dandy.

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