In Pursuit of Honor

A group of cavalry men defy orders to destroy hundreds of army horses. Having disobeyed a direct order, the men are pursued by the military, but now the bullets aren't just aimed at the ...

. . Having disobeyed a direct order, the men are pursued by the military, but now the bullets aren't just aimed at the . A group of cavalry men defy orders to destroy hundreds of army horses

In Pursuit of Honor is the best funny movie of Dennis Lynton Clark. This movie was introduced in 1995. You can check list actors in this movie torrents, such as Don Johnson, Craig Sheffer, Gabrielle Anwar, Bob Gunton, James Sikking, John Dennis Johnston, Robert Coleby, Neil Melville, Rod Steiger, Terence Crawford, Peter Curtin, Brian McDermott, Justin Monjo, Christopher Dibb, Nick Holland. There are many categories, such as Western. This movie was rated by 7.4 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movie to watch. Share this movies torrent to support us

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Users reviews

Brent C (nl)

This one is just a good fun flick

D G (br)

Funny, sad, touching and worth watching. Not just a movie about the AIDS crisis but also how people dealt with it

Giovanni M (gb)

Vaughn is great as well and Jeremy Piven brings his usual smarmy acting to the villain role. Ferrell's first big break into the genre is a a comedic time-bomb that as soon as you see him appear it explodes

JamesMasaki R (it)

Although this movie may be part 2 of the so-called Calvalry Trilogy, the 3 movies are only a trilogy in tone, so there are no worries of watching it out of order. Plus, John Wayne playing a very convincing 60 year old at the age of 40 as well. But on the brighter side, John Ford goes all out in technicolor, with gorgeous canyon landscapes, which even the studio scenes like John Wayne at the graveyard scene look quite amazing in color. She Wore A Yellow Ribbon is a little weaker than "Fort Apache", as it is lacking the great battle and stunt sequences to be expected, and adds a love story in there

Jeff S (ag)

Not exactly high drama, but a cute little movie nevertheless

Kevin S (mx)

Unfortunately not enough to be perfect but it is a good movie to watch. I did like it and would recommend watching it because it's good for a few scares. You want to check it out because you are curios about it. I would say this movie is a guilty pleasure. Alot of deaths I can do without because sometimes that always isn't what makes a good horror film. It heads in the right direction though but doesn't quite meet my quota for a horror film which is more scares. It does have that eerie effect and was done and acted very well. It had good scares here and there but I was expecting more of that. It grabs you and demands your attention with the very first scene. REVIEW: Ghost Ship was a truly good creepy and scary movie. They start to see a little girl and other odd things aboard it and discover it is being controlled by a demon. SUMMARY: A Salvage crew stumble upon a cruise ship that has been lost at sea since 1962

Mad M (it)

Fallon plays a good character. Charming and entertaining. A good romcom that guys can watch

Matt M (au)

The result is also a gripping, violent and intense drama that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Meadows paints a perfect picture of the conservative Thatcher years in England, as well as the social unhappiness of the times, in this film that is based upon true incidents from his childhood. But when a skinhead just out of jail takes over the group and leads it to nationalistic grounds, the violence and tension is unleashed. A street wise 12-year-old kid falls in with a group of older boys who hang out at a local coffee shop and commit minor acts of anarchy

Richard S (it)

This may very well be the best English language disc Criterion has released since "Ace in the Hole" hit stores late last year. This is a must for Stanwyck and Sirk fans. The less said about it the better. The fiercely overripe performances are bolstered by a subtext laden script. Thankfully this is more Electra Complex mixed megalomania than lonesome cowhands versus crazed injuns. Westerns are generally not my cup of tea, but I'm a sucker for almost anything with a Criterion spine number. I'll admit to waiting a bit before renting this one. Here's your chance to see Stanwick as uncensored as the Hayes Code would allow. Wow

Shush J (jp)

S'alright. Better than most comedy Russian prostitute bride films