In Search of a Golden Sky

In Search of a Golden Sky

Recently orphaned siblings move in with their uncle but meet resistance from the welfare department.

Three children escape into the wilderness to avoid being placed in an orphanage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex K (ag) wrote: I Like Clint Eastwood As A Film Director And As A Film Actor.

Jennie R (ca) wrote: This started off good for a B-movie. Creepy & unpredictable. The last 20 minutes turns into this stupid mind mess. Was it a dream? Was it real? The ending irritated me so much. Leave this B-mess out to sea. You will be SO glad you did.

Martin R (fr) wrote: [2/2/14] For those of us who live in the comfortable, chaotic-less, and commodity-full society in the privileged sections of the first world, "Voces Inocentes" can be a confusing viewing experience (and possibly offensive). It should come as no surprise that the U.S had a habit during the Cold War of favoring ruthless dictatorships over even the slightest possibility of a country falling to communism. It should also come to no surprise that the U.S was willing to finance conflicts to prevent any communist regime even if it meant that a million people had to die. For many, the Salvadorian Civil War was by no means a democratic triumph over communism; and many today will question if the U.S anti-communist stance was worth causing so much bloodshed (I'll leave that question unanswered). The civil war in El Salvador lasted 20 years, the one in Guatemala (which was somewhat similar in terms of "sides") lasted 30 years, U.S was involved in staging a coup in Chile (and Nicaragua), the war in Afghanistan is on-going (technically), etc etc and all of them had unintended consequences. Nonetheless, all of these conflicts displaced many people from their homeland and ruined the childhoods of many--for those kids, the sounds of shootings and death were their lullaby. And you wonder why so much of the globe resent us, Americans, hmmmm. War is profitable, oh yeah, you can be sure that someone is getting rich from any modern conflict (that's just the plain truth: look up the Military-Industrial Complex). No single person or company deserves the blame, the fault rests in the hands of those who gained some sort of "check" by domestic policy to intervene in foreign matters. And chances are, the folks who were 'making a killing'--whoops--'making it rain' weren't just "American elite," one can guarantee that there were other top key players from the other countries too. That aside [and shifting the focus back on the movie] "Voces Inocentes" is a fine war drama (and let me make this clear, I'm not a fan of Mexican cinema at all) but this's a foreign film gem, for sure. Ignoring the politics around it, the director did an excellent job in portraying the fear, the loss, and a type of dismal hope among the characters. Ultimately, one should be view this film with an open mind--there's rarely a conflict where there's a definite right or wrong side--and try to watch it without letting their own political views get in the way.

Fawn O (it) wrote: Adequately suspenseful and amply jarring, Derailed is a fairly generic, yet ripened suspense thriller embedded in a predictable and churlish narrative that weaves gossamer threads of drama and mystery across its suitably gritty palette of aesthetics. Individually, Jennifer Aniston, Clive Owen, and Vincent Cassel are assets to the film's long-range impact, but their respective characters -- and the interpersonal relationships formed among their characters -- are poorly developed, which bolsters two-dimensional character designs in spite of the actors' talents. The lack of depth in these characters also sufficiently debases their relatability and admonishes any compassion one might feel towards them even when they are targeted by misfortune throughout the film. It is difficult, after all, to elicit concern or sympathy from the viewer when they haven't been given enough material to attach themselves to the characters. However, Jennifer Aniston proves, once again, she can fulfill her duties in a serious role, even if she wasn't as powerful here as she had been in The Good Girl (2002) with co-star Jake Gyllenhaal. Clive Owen offers his usual dark eyes and fastidious movements so suited to the genre. The chemistry between Owen and Aniston certainly registered, but it came across flat, and this was distracting because it was a hinderance to the film's credibility. Vincent Cassel, an otherwise great performance, had a tendency to push the limits of his performance in a way that felt forced and contrived at times. Nevertheless, performances were generally staunch when it came to fueling the plot.[C] -- 57%

cody p (ca) wrote: I saw this on Lifetime quite a few years back when it first aired, then later recorded it. During that time I was going through quite a lot myself, so I was struck by this movie on a deeply personal level. It's true and to the point when it comes to self-harm. I would like to get my hands on a dvd copy for old time's sake.

Carly B (ru) wrote: Not a flawless masterpiece but it's still a very entertaining and effective thriller.

Matthew J (ru) wrote: Strange, gory, and entertaining. The movie plays on childhood fears regarding the hidden activities of our parents and certainly ties in some Freudian themes as well.

Lehho R (us) wrote: Patsy Kensit... rowwrrr.

Mike K (gb) wrote: I am deeply honored of being the first individual in the whole Flixster to give this hackjob of a film such a low rating. It's overlong, the dialogues are just cliches of cliches and half the acting sucks. I'm normally all aboard for a good old fashioned melodrama, but this one just hits every wrong note. Bah.

Geoffrey T (nl) wrote: What does it take to become Mr. Olympia? Many say talent with a little work will always trump hard work. Can someone prove otherwise? Can hard work or even applied science outdo genes?

Scott M (it) wrote: Jack Black? Really? That's who they chose? The CGI is amazing. But the acting was terrible. One of the worst movies ever.

Alban P (ca) wrote: not a typical will Ferrell movie but it's hilarious

Samuel D (de) wrote: It is a cult classic.

Sam G (fr) wrote: what a pile of *****. It wasn't even set in the same house because the location was different. Are the makers so stupid that we wouldn't realise, those of us familiar with the original Amityville movies. The deaths were quite disturbing, unfortunately I can't say the same for the rest of this piss poor excuse for aFound Footage movie. I thought I was watching a comedy. Worth watching though, If only for The Dad's Nervous Breakdown scene. Hilarious. :D