In Search of Santa

In Search of Santa

When a sleigh bell mysteriously falls from the sky, pure-hearted Princess Crystal is determined to prove it came from one of Santa's reindeer.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:christmas,  

When a sleigh bell mysteriously falls from the sky, pure-hearted Princess Crystal is determined to prove it came from one of Santa's reindeer. Together, she and her sister, Princess Lucinda... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fau S (au) wrote: yai paach foot do inch

Julio W (au) wrote: Muy fugaces la mayoria de los personajes pero me agrado la historia bastante.

Jeffrey P (ru) wrote: Nicely produced, but slavishly follows the animated feature template. Musical numbers, romantic misunderstandings, and tween/parental friction abound. Still, some good (if uneven) animation, and the film does sporadically capture the tone of the comics. Paul Giamatti and Brad Garrett are distracting in the English dub.

Marwa E (ag) wrote: So he left Nasa in USA and go back to India!! is he crazy?

Nathan C (gb) wrote: A cast to die for, Michael Caine is brilliant in this as is Brenda Blethyn. Bit girlie but still watchable

Kat C (au) wrote: paulie was a bird who could not fly he was scared............Little bit upseting because the little girls bird gets taken away and that is paulie.... paulie gos to a pawn shop and is vary mad an old woman takes him and they go to find the little girl but then the woman gets blind so they did not find the little girl but paulie stayed with the woman at least a week after she dies then paulie trys to fly and he he went off and flew to the little girl he got to the home town of the little girl so he stoped to take a rest then he woke up and he saw a female bird singing in the bird bath he gos over and said hi i'm paulie but the female did not speak his lauge and he we with that bird to see were she lives she lives at a toco stand with 2 other parrots he flew down to see the guy who owned the toco stand and he lived there for a little bit he sang there he danced then one night he was bird naped a guy he met stole him and paulie lurned how to steel stuff he got cote by a man he toke him to a lab to do tests on paulie he got his flight fethers cliped then they put him in an under ground place that was really dark a man comes along and helps him find the little girl they fould her house then the little girl walked out side she was not little any more she was at least 20 years old time had past vary fast then paulie was so upset he was thinking that is not the little girl but it was the little girl she sang a song that paulie new and paulie was jumping with joy he was so happy he found marie the little girl ( who is now big) it is the best movie it is my fave movie it is a great family movie kids will love it.

Alison O (us) wrote: VIDEO A gritty portrayal of life growing up amid gangland warfare on the streets of Glasgow in the late Sixties. It centres on the experiences of the youngest of three brothers, 13 year-old Lex and his tendency to get himself and his two siblings into hot water. Co-written by Gillies McKinnon and his brother, many of the details are autobiographical and this is a superior version of the kichen sink dramas synonymous with British cinema. Trainspotting's Kevin McKidd (he played the friend of Renton who ended up dying) and Joseph McFadden off of The Crow Road are the outstanding acting talents alongside Iain Robertson's heart-wrenching portrayal of Lex. Perfect for a wet afternoon's viewing.

Scott M (jp) wrote: Story about a prince from Africa who travels to America in search of a wife. Really horrible. Eddie Murphy is embarrassingly bad. He cashed a check here. However, I did like the movie when he's not on screen.

Kevin R (ru) wrote: So long since I've seen this I don't recall very much of it at all. Watching it was like for the first time with a bit of hey I saw this in 1985 on Beta. Great film, well cast and acted, Henry Winkler, Shelly Long and Michael Keaton. Does it seem dated? Yeah of course a bit but still has plenty of great moments, lines and laughs. Even though as said all the main players are very good it is Keaton with the stellar performance.

Dean M (ag) wrote: Finally watched Jet Li's debut kung fu motion picture as what I saw him seem so young as well as it's good as tracing the history of the Shaolin Temple set in the seventh-century China.

Shawn A (ag) wrote: A gem of a fiind! I came across this film one night whilst flipping through the channels and was hooked. A must see.

Orlok W (es) wrote: A potboiler with a trick ending to stain the record--A Terrific, Suspenseful thriller!!

Zane V (gb) wrote: It is amazing that this film (and also as the film Swept Away(not with madonna)) is made by woman. It speaks not only about what woman want, but also touches upon the theme of anarchy. This is a very perfect combination of themes. In addition Giancarlo Giannini has perfect interplay with Monica Vitti. Movie to see.

Paul M (nl) wrote: It's a genuine thrill to see Katsu Shintaro and Toshiro Mifune sharing the screen together in this unusual entry in the Zatoichi series, but ultimately it's a tad disappointing because Mifune's character is not entirely similar to his Yojimbo persona - in this film he's more of a stand-offish drunk than a one-man army. This is still a great watch though, and highly recommended to fans of the Zatoichi series.

Gregory W (us) wrote: awesome silents great collection

Jeremy S (br) wrote: I'm sure for its time it was scary stuff and the story was good as well

Timm S (ag) wrote: Lots Of Guns Pointed At Right-Angles & Longing Looks Of Pain-In-Excursion. The Quote Of The Whole Thing Being "I'm Going To Finish What I Was Paid To Do & Find Out Who (Double-Crossed) Set Me Up"; ...At Which Point We Follow It Thru A (First-Person POV) Shooting Rampage To It's Grisly End. Not That Entertaining...Unless You're A Fan Of The Game & Are Desperately In Need Of More (Unnessary) Backstory. It Did Appear To Completely Carbon-Copy Other Genres (Bourne/Bond) In Parts, Which Is Fine, But Still Build Your Own Style Possibly At Some Point?

Greg W (us) wrote: didn't care for this latest FF Coppola film