In Secret

In Secret

In 1860s Paris, a young woman, Therese, is trapped in a loveless marriage to the sickly Camille by her domineering aunt, Madame Raquin. She spends her days behind the counter of a small shop and her evenings watching Madame play dominos with an eclectic group. After she meets her husband’s alluring friend, Laurent, she embarks on an illicit affair that leads to tragic consequences. Based on Emile Zola’s novel, Thérèse Raquin.

Set in the lower echelons of 1860s Paris, Therese Raquin, a sexually repressed beautiful young woman, is trapped into a loveless marriage to her sickly cousin, Camille, by her domineering aunt, Madame Raquin. Therese spends her days confined behind the counter of a small shop and her evenings watching Madame play dominoes with an eclectic group. After she meets her husband';s alluring friend, Laurent, she embarks on an illicit affair that leads to tragic consequences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yeli B (ag) wrote: it was hard deciding whether or not i should give it three stars. the story was very unique and the dialogue was entertaining. it's probably the best turkish film i have seen (keep in mind i've only seen like 4).it was nothing amazing, just better than the rest.b/c it was not THAT good, just pretty good, i can only give it 2 1/2 stars.but i would recommend it to other people b/c the story was good and kept me involved w/the plot&characters. actors did a fine job as well.there's just something always missing w/turkish films and i cant quite figure out what exactly that is...

Bryan W (us) wrote: A nice chick flick. It's a romance movie

sHoN S (gb) wrote: Decent little different take on the zombie genre, nice and gory.

Brandon S (ag) wrote: Killer Me tries hard to be a good serial killer film, but it just doesn't work with the lack of a back story and the budget holds it back. A man works in a library and is taking law classes, not to mention butchering people on the side. Once he starts to date a girl in his class he becomes confused about his darker side. Pretty weak the case compares it to Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer which is a farce, this film doesn't come close.

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Steve G (it) wrote: I remember it being a nice movie.

Adam R (gb) wrote: An underrated masterpiece. Tarzan is a beautiful film that has everything that make Disney movies so great. (First viewing - Summer 1999 in theaters)

Will D (fr) wrote: Great introduction to the series. The film intercuts with the incident that drove Ito Ogami and his son Daigoro on their path of vengeance as assassins for hire, whilst in present time they are paid to kill a gang that plots to assassinate a clan leader. The gang has dominated a hotspring village leaving its residents trembling in fear, and capturing travelers that see their crimes.It's stylish, bloody and has a spaghetti western vibe to it all. Sometimes there are scenes when the sound is mute on purpose, which may put you off, but the series improves on that further on.

Joshua Z (us) wrote: Occasionally beautiful, frequently confusing; there were long stretches with almost no subtitles.

Mike M (jp) wrote: Intelligent yet ultimately unspectacular sci-fi offering from Universal Studios, centering on a meteor that reproduces uncontrollably when wet - with fatal results. Played straight with emphasis on the sci (over the fi) this 1956 flick is an American version of what could easily have been an English Quatermass installment. Written, in part, by Creature from the Black Lagoon director Jack Arnold.

Nick K (de) wrote: OK, but even though there is a little humor, the gags are old.

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