In the City

In the City

Un grupo de amigos de Barcelona se reúnen casi a diario, pero su amistad es sólo aparente; de hecho, ninguno de ellos conoce a fondo la vida de los demás. La película relata la vida íntima y secreta de cada uno de los personajes, sus sentimientos y deseos más inconfesables.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:marriage,   adultery,   lie,  

Relations are not easy. A multi story movie with intersecting lives in which adult relationships are closely examined. The relations are all having challenges. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason S (ru) wrote: This is one of my favorite films and hands down Franco's best performance. It's a moving film about one mans will to survive.

Jeremy R (br) wrote: what a ridiculous movie. Virgin menstrual blood?

Parker R (fr) wrote: As most video game adaptations go, this one falls under the similar bad spell of containing a feeble script, having no emotional resonance from its cast, and being almost utterly depleted of excitement.

Jon C (mx) wrote: fun stuffall 3 main female leads are certainly having a blast with some good chemistryand their characters actually change and grow throughout the course of this spring break getawayJane Lynch is very wacky, Amy Poehler goes all out, and I really like Parker Poseythe plot's as old as a broken down house but it never hurts to get some occasional laughs and remind yourself to break out of that confined space to discover yourself

Anna B (ru) wrote: I was initially repelled and fascinated at once, thinking Gordon did not have the chops for this material (and he doesn't, but), then I didn't know what I was feeling, and then I thought the insane ending was just perfect, so I thought the whole movie was kind of awful and yet I loved it somehow. I really have no idea.

Aaron M (mx) wrote: I am stunned at how beautiful Joan Chen is at 50 years old.

Lori B (jp) wrote: Interesting character study about a self-absorbed writer and those who surround them. Really great acting.

Devin G (nl) wrote: Decent story for fans of the dramatic side of the Superman character but all in all a dull superhero film with little fun excitement that should be expected from the Superman character. Misses the point.

Art S (au) wrote: If you like b&w experiential films with subtitles, Bolivia is pretty good. Tight in scope, yet the few themes cut deep. Decent little movie.

Chloe O (fr) wrote: it is so comedy and ice cube is cute

Deborah C (ag) wrote: It's excellent. History, romantic, sexy, scarey, murder, a thriller and funny it has some of everything bringing a range of emotions to the table. I have watched it several times and could again, it is that good. 5 stars from me.

Kieran F (de) wrote: Interesting location(Vegas) but lame story and even dumber idea.

Simon D (ca) wrote: Not very funny, or original. A bit too stupid with lot's of annoying characters.

nita jim j (mx) wrote: its a must see flix

Courtney K (mx) wrote: haha, if you want to watch a scary movie but don't actually like scary movies, you might like this one -- this was a very light hearted horror film. i don't know whether to categorize this as a monster movie or as a comedy; sort of reminds me of "Mars Attacks!" in that way. the monsters are pretty legit, too -- i've seen more "serious" horror flicks use worse depictions... overall, i enjoyed it!

Joe S (fr) wrote: Ted Mosby, the architect.Josh Radnor is an actor I am beginning to like very much. He has a lot of potential and from what I have seen so far, he is a very talented actor who has the ability to steal his audience with any part that he plays. The part he plays in this movie amounts to what I mentioned above. Radnor shows that he is able to bring in other supporting actors with their own stories, seperate onto different tangents and make everything connect in the end. The talent from Radnor is reflected in this movie. worth a watch or maybe more

Michael L (fr) wrote: A great movie. you have to pay attention, cuz one blink, you'll lose a piece. One of of the best 5.1 surround sound, chase scenes. But, at the last 9 minutes of the film, went south. But a good flick to watch, just don't take your ears off it. You really need to listen to follow all characters.

Erin H (ru) wrote: this movie brings back very strange and creepy memories from st. mary's. anyone who went to st. mary's circa 1985 - 2000 knows why.

Matt C (ru) wrote: ..........BOO! If you find that terrifying then this film is probably for you. Personally I struggled to go along with this film after the opening 10-15secs when a girl straight faced tells the 'Demonologist' (seriously...give me strength) that they let the little girl 'Inhabit their doll'. It's just nonsense and the more you shine a light on that and treat it with po-faced seriousness the more ridiculous it all seems I'm afraid.

Alirea R (es) wrote: Great ingredients, terrible taste! if you think that Steven Spielberg and Oprah co produce a movie and Helen Mirren should glow like always in that movie you are absolutely wrong.