In the Dark Half

In the Dark Half

A teenage girl comes to terms with the unexplained death of the boy next door.

A teenage girl comes to terms with the unexplained death of the boy next door. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marina N (ag) wrote: A good French movie about a radio host, the most approachable person on air but reclusive and distant in private life, who finds her mother who abandoned her at an early age. It's a quiet film with a pleasant pace. It's moving yet still light.

Dan K (ag) wrote: very depressing film.

Salathiel M (ag) wrote: Great with off hand comedy!!! Lol

Kevin M (nl) wrote: FINALLY we can end this debate. See? Awful ninjas would totally win against a guy in a crappy grey alien costume. You owe me ten dollars!

Graci G (gb) wrote: I saw it, and let me tell you, it was interesting, but it wasn't very scary and had a bad story line.

Arnaud L (ca) wrote: Disapointing. The district is not used as much as I hoped and the characters not that interesting. Tang Wei has some charm though.

Brad S (br) wrote: A pretty decent Indie flick that is VERY well shot. Worth checking out.

Ryan V (es) wrote: A college movie that didn't catch on initially, but now has a well-deserved cult status. Jeremy Piven gives one of his best comedic performances in this.

Ryan V (fr) wrote: Caan and Cage are a blast to watch, both vying for the affections of Sarah Jessica Parker.

Michael B (au) wrote: Contemporary audiences need to have a lot of patience through the first twenty minutes. The performances are terribly dated and the exposition is plodding. But it's still a great story about one of Britain's great war heroes.

Mark L (ru) wrote: Superbly acted and impressively mirroring the intense and gritty atmosphere of it's source, The Hunger Games is a stellar dystopian spectacle.

Jesse C (nl) wrote: good movie, nothing special but very charming.