In the Family

In the Family

Old couple are being evicted and turn to their five children for help. Since no one can accommodate the two of them, the children decide to separate the couple.

Old couple are being evicted and turn to their five children for help. Since no one can accommodate the two of them, the children decide to separate the couple. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William M (ru) wrote: sophmoric Adult time waster

Quasar B (ag) wrote: I love the animation which was done for the short and one of best romantic short film.

LUCA Z (de) wrote: I liked Chasing Ghosts because it's entertaining, with a plot that looks great in some parts and it features some good actors. Unfortunately, some parts appear just like a (failed) attempt to mix The Usual Suspects and Se7en together in a crime movie. It fails because there are some holes in the plot and even after the twist at the end, you still have some questions without answer... why did they try to copy these masterpieces?

Teresa O (br) wrote: saw this when first released and didn't pay much attention to it. But seeing it again, almost a decade later, it resonates in a way it didn't then as it became clear to me that it's a farce composed of only females (rare for farce) and the operaettic bursts of song really work -- especially the last. Just really liked it a lot second time round - but it only gets force towards the end.

Wayne M (br) wrote: I love this movie. I love Debra in this movie. Very entertaining, great cast, great story. Great everything is great.

Noah M (us) wrote: Chuck Norris fights a demon. Enough said.

Timothy S (ag) wrote: Cult filmmaker Herschell Gordon Lewis was considered a pioneer in the world of cinematic gore, and "Two Thousand Maniacs" is considered by many to be the pinnacle of his career. Looking at the film today, the special effects come off as crude and rudimentary, but this was made over forty years ago. At the time, they had to be disturbing and groundbreaking, and you have to give Lewis props. The film itself is just as crude and rudimentary, but you have to admire it some for its goofy, loopy charm, non-existent acting and ultra low budget feel. It hasn't aged well, and while I can't quite recommend it for obvious reasons, it is an interesting curiosity that's good for some laughs. The plot is an inspired variation on a tried and true formula, but the whole thing is basically just an excuse to maim and torture people in various creative ways. In that respect, it plays like the "Saw" of its generation with a "Hee Haw" sense of humor. The violence doesn't have the realism of the "Saw" franchise, as the blood looks mostly store bought. But everything looks surprisingly convincing considering what they had to work with at the time. Lewis made a name for himself with stuff like this, and nobody was doing it better. In retrospect, he's kind of the father of the current rash of so-called torture porn flicks. For that reason, "Two Thousand Maniacs" deserves its place in history. It's not pretty, but I guess you could say it gets the job done.

Zoran S (us) wrote: Solid western from the great Andre De Toth. Cooper is fantastic in it, but the script is a bit flawed and De Toth seems slightly disengaged in comparison to his masterpieces.

Laura M (it) wrote: A bit disjointed and confusing at times

Aaron D (nl) wrote: ok so I get it making an ending to a movie is hard but the ending in this movie makes ni sense they don't explain or nothing they just do it and it's not even a good ending the movie would would have been a lot better if the ending made sense with the story

Jason M (us) wrote: I like how they never explain why the singularity room is so pointy.

Joey F (ag) wrote: This one has grown on me immensely. I found this movie sooo boring on first watch, but every time since, it's gotten more and more amazing. This might become my second favorite after a few more viewings.

Michael S (ru) wrote: This movie didn't really stray from the basic "child-is-kidnapped-and-forced-to-become-a-crazy-assassin" formula, but it really didn't offer a unique story. There was a blatant sexual theme running throughout the movie, as the main two characters (both female) spent a good 65% of the time half-naked, soaked in water (rain/shower/burst pipelines/rolling ocean waves/etc.), cuddling with each other and talking about how much they loved each other. So it was pretty rampant with borderline lesbianism and slow-motion running scenes. Most of the major action scenes involved taking out 50 or so men armed with automatic weapons while the ladies were either topless or without their panties. Oh, and lots of rituals where the girls killed each other, or so we assume, seeing as they only showed about 5 out of 200 something deaths on camera. Honestly, I wish I were part of this program (sans all the peer-killing rituals) because apparently upon completion of the course, these women were expert wine-testers. Near the end they introduced Matrix-style fight scenes...I'm not so sure what that was about, but I guess it suits. I was mostly just confused how they broke the C5 vertebra by grabbing the thoracic region. Also, there was a rape scene where 3 guys came in after the surviving girls drank poisoned wine. They high-fived each other, too...which was weird. Overall, I wasn't sure what the whole heterosexual romantic subplot was doing in there. Watch it if you don't really care too much about the plot.