In the Fields of Dreams

In the Fields of Dreams

Drama about a young woman in rural Finland in the 1930s. The small village provides a scene for intrigues, fights, love, jealousy, accusations, and revenge.

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In the Fields of Dreams torrent reviews

Chhavi S (es) wrote: went with my nephew to watch this one...n yeah we had good fun...really a cute & a "feel-good" movie...!!!

Jeffrey U (ag) wrote: Pure silly and fun entertainment.

cli o (ag) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Bradley N (ca) wrote: I love the Howard The Duck comic but fuck this movie.

Ratnakar S (jp) wrote: Becket is the reason I still have a love for classic cinema. The conflict between Church and State, the inner dilemma of friendship vs conscience, has been wonderfully captured. Thomas Beckett owes his position as Archbishop of Canterbury to his friend King Henry II's decision. For Henry it was more or less a strategic movie to assert the power of the Throne over the entrenched clergy. It however goes against him, when Becket feels that loyalty to God is more important than to the State. Watch it for the sharply contrasting and equally great performances by both the leads. Peter O Toole all fire,as the arrogant, impetuous, emotionally wrought Henry II, torn between his friendship and desire for power, while Richard Burton is the ice, with his steady,subtle portrayal of the Archbishop who has to turn against his friend.