In the Hands of the Gods

In the Hands of the Gods

In the Hands of the Gods is the true story of five young British freestyle footballers journey across the Americas to Argentina in the hope of meeting their hero, Diego Maradona. This coming-of-age road movie tells the story of a group of young men in pursuit of a lifelong dream.

The true story of five young British freestyle footballers' journey across the Americas to Argentina in the hope of meeting their hero, Diego Maradona. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David A (es) wrote: Saw this in Portland. FUCKING LOVED IT. If you don't see this movie you are a total Todd.

Kellan W (ru) wrote: A gimmick and nothing more.

Jared A (de) wrote: Few films make me speechless but this one does...I'm not a communist but I do support the abolishment of a system that oppresses its people and selfishly decides what is right for them and not their maybe I'm not speechless.

Ian C (au) wrote: Mauvais... Et cheesy !

Ne K (ru) wrote: This is the motto this world.

Lori A (au) wrote: Freakin hysterical! One of my all time favs!

fuckifn s (it) wrote: As and avid movie viewer and someone with a refined taste for action, drama, comedy, and just about anything; I can confidently say that this is one of the greatest films that I have ever seen, if not one of the greatest to be released. Many people will disagree with my views but how can I blame them. This movie IS NOT for kids or weak minded individuals for that matter. Only the likes of myself and a select few other people have opened their mind and saw the genius that is Mac and Me. This movie explores ideas that no one would dare to, due to the fact that it is just far to risky to pull of in Hollywood. Stewart Raffill knew what risk he was taking when directing this. He knew that it wasn't was the consumers are used to, he knew it was far different from all other films. He also knew what an amazing work of art it was. It takes a brave man like Stewart Raffill to make a Citizen Kane for the modern age. He did not disappoint. Not to mention the fact that this movie goes as far as to make social commentary on schizophrenia in kids. To cut to the chase, this movie really has it all. I know I have not said a lot about it but I can't really do this movie justice by talking about it. You must go out and experience this movie for yourself.

Byron B (de) wrote: nominated for best picture by NBR

Henrik H (ag) wrote: Fantastisk film. S den i rhus. Var det med dig?Har faktisk ledt efter den i alle de r, men ikke fundet den, suk.............KH HAM

Brad S (nl) wrote: This is a highly acclaimed Russian art film that was banned in Russia for many year. Martin Scorsese presented it at Tribecca in 2014 in a restore version. I can see this film's influence on many Music Video directors and also Tarsem film "The Fall". I didn't love it, but could appreciate the visuals. I'd love to see a restored print on blu-ray, then I might rate it higher.

Werner S (fr) wrote: Saturday Evening. Long and stressful week. Elvis & Schnaps

aaron a (gb) wrote: "Every bone in his body must be broken. But I'm not sure that's what killed him." Synopsis: One by one, the crew members of a spacecraft returning to Earth from Mars are dying at the hands of a mysterious -- and seemingly indestructible -- parasitic beast stowed away on the ship. The real value of "It!" is as a companion piece to the Ridley Scott space horror "Alien" made some 20 odd years later, as it's essentially the same concept. The two film's are actually quite similar in their approach as well, both film's all but forego the literary aspects of film in favor of the sheer sensory experience of being locked inside a spacecraft millions of miles from home with a bloodthirsty monster. With the notable exception of the "spacewalk" scene however, "It!" fails to deliver a vision that's truly remarkable, something that "Alien" did deliver in 1979, and as a result It! doesn't manage to stand out from the many sci-fi ilk of it's time. Though i found the use of real firearms to be something notably interesting about this picture rather than simply creating some crazy-ass laser pistol. Though It! The Terror From Beyond Space isn't without it's share of notable sequences, it still doesn't manage to stand out and deliver a visceral experience the sci-fi auteurs of the 70's would manage to accomplish.

Jakir A (es) wrote: loved it, as good as "Pumping Iron". such an inspiring film and how it went into the charecters stories. amaIng!

Michael H (it) wrote: An great example of a low budget UK horror film that is genuinely unsettling, nicely shot and scored with decent special effects. Surprisingly good.

Michael W (es) wrote: Virgil Tibbs resurfaces in San Francisco investigating a murder linked to an associate. Nowhere near the quality of its predecessor, Barbara McNair added as standard cop's wife dealing with repeated tardiness for dinner on account of overwork.

Romelia H (jp) wrote: i loved it. It is an excellent movie. It portrays the customs of the time, tragically romantic.