In the Line of Duty

In the Line of Duty

Michelle Yip of the Hong Kong police is a mild-mannered Kung Fu expert; Michael Wong from air security is happy-go-lucky, stuck on himself, constantly talking, and smitten by her; Yamamoto ...

Michelle Yip of the Hong Kong police is a mild-mannered Kung Fu expert; Michael Wong from air security is happy-go-lucky, stuck on himself, constantly talking, and smitten by her; Yamamoto ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew H (fr) wrote: Still good characters but not good directing

Phil N (fr) wrote: Feeling trapped in her marriage to a successful writer, Izumi finds freedom doing some modeling, which soon leads to her discovering extra-marital sex. Here she meets Mitsuko, another woman leading a double life, professor by day, street hooker by night. Beginning with a grisly murder, the resulting investigation exposes the descent into darkness for these two women. Sono(TM)s recent output has been the best of his career, and whilst Guilty Of Romance is another well crafted film, especially the sound design, the mix of explicit sex and violence on display is quite disturbing and unsettling at times making for an uneasy watch.

Kristal C (ag) wrote: I really wanted this to have more weight to match the incredible and charming performances of Breslin and (the delicious) Nivola. As it stands, the music is good, the relationship between Janie and Ethan is sweet and somewhat believable and ultimately it's a nice, if somewhat cliched film.

Bogdan S (us) wrote: This film is so French, I wonder how the American audience will connect with it. Great cast, good story, and above all, good rhythm. A true representation of French film and life.

Nicholas B (ca) wrote: I feel like if this movie was completely animated like how it was from the beginning... and had better writers, the film would have been MUCH better and MUCH more enjoyable. Don't get me wrong, Kenan Thompson does a GREAT job as our oversized hero, (though he falls flat at times) but I feel like he should have stuck to being a voice actor for a cartoon character, not a counselor for a whiney teenage girl... who nearly ruins the film for me... no seriously, the character of Doris is probably one of the worst things about this movie.

Fbio de Carvalho P (ag) wrote: You can't really understand whats going on screen but that's exactly what makes this movie so special. Its mysterious plot and characters make you beg for an answer. But, that in the end its up to you to find out. So, at least dare to give a try on "Rabbits". Its a calm and depressive ride with absolutely great acting from these phenomenal characters and a score that will you get you pretty scared.

Benjamin N (es) wrote: watch the end, that is it

Walter M (gb) wrote: "Nada" starts with D'Arey(Lou Castel) trying to recruit Epaulard(Maurice Garrel), a veteran of revolutions, into a scheme to kidnap the American ambassador(Lyle Joyce). Epaulard thinks the plan is so insane that he goes back into a wine bar, needing another drink. What D'Arey needs is his silence, enlisting Diaz(Fabio Testi) but the two men recognize each other as old comrades and Epaulard has a change of heart. So does Treuffais(Michel Duchaussoy), a university professor, who opts out. As secret as their plan is, somebody is still on hand to videotape them... A little trickier than the average Claude Chabrol film, "Nada" begins with a burst of energy before shifting gears in its second act to almost forget about the kidnappers, focusing instead on the government response. While surprisingly sympathetic towards the kidnappers, the same cannot be said for the authorities who exploit terrorism for their own agenda. The film was made in 1974 at a time when revolutionary violence and terrorism were not unusual(the American ambassador was kidnapped in Brazil in 1969) but not when sneakers were. However, it does seem odd that a revolutionary cell would just ask for money. Surely, there are political demands they could have made like releasing prisoners, ending military activity or having Roger Moore replaced as James Bond.

I dont know w (gb) wrote: Looks like an amazing Brazilian film.

Greg W (de) wrote: another pic set during the colonial era in USA

Jorge M (kr) wrote: A slow motion nonsense. The best, Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux in the bathtub.

Tony L (ag) wrote: The casting is very questionable and the acting is sub par; everyone is completely out of character and the movie itself is long , boring and anticlimactic. If this is the best Billy Zane can offer perhaps he should plan another trip aboard the RMS Titanic.