In the Line of Duty 4

In the Line of Duty 4

Two detectives who are up to their necks in trouble and in each other's face, as they try to shut down a drug-trafficking scheme that could be connected with international ties to organized crime. But in the mist of their investigation, innocent immigrant dock worker Luk Wan-Ting gets caught up in the mix when he witnesses the murder of an intelligence operative and is framed for the crime.

A Hong Kong cop and two American cops are onto a suspected harbor worker and are forced to team up when they discover that the suspect is a witness on the run from CIA agents and their schemers; two corrupt cops. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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SirBrandon V (us) wrote: Cyber warfare is at its most alarming in this doc where a virus can physically make a country crumble. The thrills & espionage is charging until it becomes an intricate,overly informative lecture, eventually forcing comprehension further & further away. But good luck shaking it's dread & terror of future wars.

Dsire S (es) wrote: sehr vorhersehbar. flache storyline

Wayne H (de) wrote: Not very scary or even very creepy, but a very enjoyable and well done, for its time, horror film. Definitely worth watching.

Robert I (ag) wrote: Somehow they thought a good follow up to the first film would be a horror film... Ed, the screenwriter, wanted Rio Bravo -- He got Friday the 13th. Skip this and go to 3 which is better than Bob Meyer says (Bob Meyer also lost his virginity to a turtle).

Hana R (fr) wrote: I really enjoyed watching this, and I bet I would enjoy re-watching it over again. It's got every element necessary to stir all sorts of emotions--a quality that is fast becoming very rare in the local movie industry. It's got substance, it's got angst, it's got sensible humor, all made effective by its array of talented casts. Alternating between flashbacking and flashforwarding, it is able to show just how much one person's action can actually influence the lives of many others.

Ch L (fr) wrote: This Italian film conveys a strong message about love, marriage and relationship. It upgrades my perception in general. You just can't reasonize the causes and effects of anythings in this universe. One must be very crystal-clear of whatever decision you are going to make and the risk you are going to undertake. We need a lot of wisdom to be able to manage our knowledge and desire, else our conviction would be running out of our hands and we are lacking of time and energy to get it back to the way we suppose it ' should be' and bang! Your life is completely out of your control which your patience, your love, your values are ALL HIGHLY UNMANAGEABLE BUT YOU HAVE TO UNDERTAKE THIS AFTERMATH. That's why many couples, many families, many people's minds are 'getting old and mind-stagnant' because they have to drain out their energy to 'rethink and to learn again' something they do not aware before when they are young. IN this film, the characters could have another chance by 'getting things right' but in reality, life goes on and time doesn't wait for us to 'get things right back'. Wisdom is the most important thing in this world.

Wayne S (es) wrote: Margarethe von Trotta's cinematic account of the Rosenstrasse protests of 1943 perhaps has too many threads to be tied up simply, but history and recollection can be a bit complicated. Katya Riemann stars as Lena von Eschenbach, the daughter of an aristocratic German (Aryan) family, who falls in love with and marries a talented Jewish musician, Fabian Fischer (Martin Feifel), who because of his "mixed marriage" to an Aryan woman has not been rounded up for deportation with the other Jews of the city, and instead is given a job in a munitions factory.But in the winter of 1943, he was detained with a few hundred other men and women in a Jewish center on Rose Street (Rosenstrasse) in Berlin. His wife, Lena, finds out where he is being held, and there she joins an increasing number of other wives and relatives whose loved ones are being held. They form a vigil group and stand watch in the cold, hoping to put moral pressure on the authorities for the release of their loved ones. It is at the Rosenstrasse protests that Lena meets and adopts a little Jewish girl, Ruth, whose mother is also being held. She takes Ruth into her home, and treats her as her own daughter.The story is framed by a modern day story of Ruth, now living in New York City, mourning her recently deceased American husband, while her own daughter Hannah (Maria Schrader) goes to Berlin to find Lena Fischer, now nearly ninety, and to learn from her the story of her mother's tragic past. The film moves very slowly and has a few too many subplots to be entirely successful, but there are moments of well-earned emotion, and the film is always tasteful and thoughtful. This is not a Holocaust movie, and it's scope is too microscopic to be particularly weighty compared to films like "Schindler's List,"but still history is actually the sum of millions of smaller stories like this, and one thing "Rosenstrasse" does well is to make us mindful of the moral complexities that faced the German population during the Third Reich, ordinary people who were caught up in the larger sweep of world events. Some acted nobly, some less so, and "Rosenstrasse" does the service of putting faces, and personal details, to a few of those stories.

Eric Y (ru) wrote: I think this gets a little bit overly panned. It was a basically good action flick. Nothing too deep, but for what it was, just fine.

Charlie B (es) wrote: One of the few films where I genuinely jumped in my seat....but only once. Good thriller, nicely paced build up.

EZs Wifey Adri (au) wrote: I thought this was a cute movie I loved how shelly long was so clumbsy

Tia T (it) wrote: Being a horse racing die hard fan, i loved this movie more then anyhing-- well it wasnt that great but it had its moiments

KJ P (ru) wrote: Taking place 20 years after the third film, we are shown the evolution of the apes from pets to savages and the eventual takeover of the human race. With terrible camerawork and and a very oddly written screenplay, "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes" is one of the weaker entries in the series, but also has the best climax of them all. The final 30 minutes will have you on the edge of your seat the whole way through and I loved every minute of it. However, the first hour is a complete mess and pretty much ruins everything set up in the previous film. As far as mixed bags go, this is one of the most enjoyable, because they knew when to hit the audience hard, even though they failed miserably in other regards. Overall, it's not the best film, but I really enjoyed where it went. It is recommendable for the finale.

Brad S (de) wrote: This is another Val Lewton production and it is creepy and atmospheric, though not outright scary. Boris Karloff stars as a Greek General in 1912 who is policing a group of people he's quarantined to an island after an outbreak of a plague. There are plenty of creep moments and it is fairly entertaining, but not up to par of some of the other Lewton films. Still, as a genre fan I found it worth watching.

Grant G (es) wrote: A Touching And Emotionally Deft Family Drama!

Spencer H (nl) wrote: Crazy, over-the-top, and awesome, Scarface is essential in movie history.

The N (gb) wrote: Son varias historia, creo si mal no recuerdo, I love You es la nica que vale la pena ver.