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The US President and the UK Prime Minister are looking to launch a war in the Middle East. The plot follows government officials and advisers in their behind-the-scenes efforts either to promote the war or prevent it. Spinal Tap meets Strangelove. A satirical demolition of Whitehall and Washington: politically astute, hilarious and terrifyingly real.

A political satire about a group of skeptical American and British operatives attempting to prevent a war between two countries. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Faai I (br) wrote: This movie deals with two very real issues of today's youth - sexuality and suicide. Even though, I really wanted to like this movie, I just couldn't get past the glamorization of suicide and violent behavior. As a gay person struggling with my own sexuality and living in a repressed society, I was appalled by the sudden and absurd turn of events. From an innocent kiss that brought the onset of unrealized emotions to an internet addiction to a suicidal tendency. I won't argue what reasons are good enough reasons to try to commit suicide but you're at a fault if you don't realize you have a problem or try to fix it. Dominik's father gave the impression that he was okay with his son being gay as long as he didn't embarrass him by kissing male statues... As for his friends, it could've possibly blown over sooner or later or if it hadn't he could've just alienated them from his life. I mean there were options but the character doesn't seem to want to take the necessary steps.However, this film highlights another very important issue - the lack of mental health support in schools/home/society in general. The parents' prioritization of work over family along with their lack of a serious attitude towards Dominik's illness adds flair of reality to this situation. The acting is over-done at parts with a few unwarranted tears here and there but it's heart wrenching and downright depressing and if that was intended then bravo!, job well done. I have certain qualms about the story; I didn't see the whole my-world-is-falling-apart thing in this movie. Instead, I saw my-world-suddenly-fell-apart-in-a-matter-of-hours... Again, I wanted to like this movie, it's about issues I care about but it just tried to focus on everything all at once without really giving a cause for the effect.

Bryan L (fr) wrote: A fun, albeit flawed martial arts film. Lots of cool action.

Al M (jp) wrote: A rip-off of any number of other films from Chainsaw Massacre to Wrong Turn and beyond, Backwoods is a fairly lame entry in the redneck killers genre that features Haylie (sister of Hillary) Duff as its one paltry claim to fame. The death scenes are never brutal enough to warrant the douchey characters you must endure. Mostly boring, Backwoods might kill an evening, but it will certainly not linger in the memory...

Andrew M (gb) wrote: Dinner for Schmicks is somewhat entertaining. The movie has some comedy in it. The movie is good overall. However, the plot of the movie is brilliant. I would somewhat suggest this movie.

Brandon W (au) wrote: Gigli is directed and written by Martin Brest who directed films like Beverly Hills Cop, Midnight Run, and Scent of a Woman, and it stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in a romantic comedy about Ben Affleck's character who's a low time mobster, and his boss orders him to kidnapped federal prosecutor's brother. The problem however, the boss thinks that Gigli would screw up, so be brings in another mobster to either support him for the task, or do it for him. I have heard so much about this film being one of the worst films of all time, and when I saw it on DirecTV, I was very curious about it and even though it's not one of the worst films that I've seen, Gigli is still a very awful film that I honestly can't believe that I was watching it. This movie was around the time that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were dating, and since the movie has both of them in one film, the studio wanted the film to be a romantic comedy as Martin Brest's intention was to make a dark comedy mob film. Let's get to the positive because there are a few that I can think of. The acting is not bad, Christopher Walken is one of the funniest parts in the film, which he's only in it for a few minutes, and Al Pacino is having a lot of fun in this which I feel like he's in a completely different movie. I like the idea of one of the main characters being a lesbian as you don't see that often in films, especially the mainstream ones, but that's all I can think of sadly. The chemistry between the main characters feel a bit forced that you already know what's going to happen to them two. The writing isn't really good as there are some laughable lines that are not to be taken seriously, and there's a lot of plot lines that don't add up at all. It's not really that funny, nor interesting to watch as there's nothing much going on. The characters are bland, and it's not inspiring to watch. Gigli is a dull film that I'm glad that I got to see it just to see how bad it is, and while isn't there as my worst films, I still didn't like what I was watching.

Mary B (au) wrote: Some surprises and good violence.

Brett W (br) wrote: A bunch of weird, unintelligible, Europeans attempt a painfully boring heist. The end.

Movie K (jp) wrote: Quite a nice oldies actually. Elvis receive 3rd billing. Richard Egan, James Drury and are 3 brothers who are in the war. They rob the federal's money without knowing the war was over. After realising, they decided to split the money with the gang. They go back home and Richard is planning to marry his love Debra Paget, but she is married to Elvis already as she thought he is dead. She confess she still love Richard, but he decided to leave home to avoid further troubles. The next day the govt caught the 3 brothers back on suspect of them having the money. 3 of their former gang reached their home and Elvis join them on the mission to save the brothers. Onboard, Richard made a pact with one guy to get back all the money and in return to drop charges. Then on its really about trust among them all. The 3 ex-gang convince Elvis that Richard and Debra have it plan to get all the money and escape together. Towards the end, Elvis shot Richard, then regret and wass shot by the baddie, and the army arrive in time and stop them. Elvis died. All is settle. It is short length but the flow manage to keep on and engage.

Darine S (br) wrote: Perfect and Spot on ...

Kate M (ag) wrote: Good Music and funny

Ken S (ru) wrote: Arnold Schwarzenegger makes his feature film debut in this awful film from 1969. He isn't credited by his own name, instead his credit reads "Arnold Strong 'Mr. Universe'." And all of his lines are dubbed in an American accent that says enunciates every word so clearly that it sounds so unnatural, even if the words matched up with the lips that are saying them (which, of course, they do not). The plot doesn't really go beyond its title, it is literally just a movie about what would happen if the mythical character of Hercules hung around in modern NYC. Turns out he'd buy a lot of sweaters, act confused by simple things, and compete in silly competitions. If the 80s hadn't propelled Arnie into the box-office success that he became, I doubt this movie would have had much of a life after its initial release. Best it could have hoped for was maybe a bargain basement DVD, but I sort of wonder if it ever would have made it to home video. But plenty of other crap has, so who knows.

Dorothy H (nl) wrote: it was entertaining. loved the martial arts action :)

Kenny N (us) wrote: One star for some impressive gore effects. If Eli Roth knows nothing else about movie making, he knows how to slather on the blood and guts.A lot of people have criticized his overly violent horror films for being devoid of anything other than overt violence. No characters to identify with, no plots connected to logic, just death and destruction. And the same applies here. The characters here are painfully one dimensional, so their slaughter at the hands of cannibals is hard to get too worked up about. But I have a question: who is this movie FOR? The genre of cannibals imprisoning, torturing, and devouring Westerners is a classic (one of the most hard to watch horror films "Cannibal Holocaust" is considered to be the master class on this type of filmmaking.) But this was all back in '60s and '70s. There are no more cannibal tribes in the Amazon today. So these events could not have happened today. Ultimately it doesn't matter. Yes gore galore but STILL nothing else for horror fans who want anything else from their movies.

Jessica S (fr) wrote: One of my favorite dance movies, hilarious and touching at the same time.