In the Name of the King: Two Worlds

In the Name of the King: Two Worlds

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In the Name of the King: Two Worlds torrent reviews

Lasse C (au) wrote: After watching the phenomenal Flashpoint Paradox, this epitomy of mediocrity was a sad disappointment.

Jordon J (ru) wrote: In a movie like this, almost everything depends on the lead actor -- and Stephen Dorff does not disappoint. He turns in a splended 'confined' performance here. I say RENT IT!!!

Jun Sheng C (au) wrote: bad acting with no original idea

Cecilia D (fr) wrote: Excellent history of the environmental movement and some of the disasters and mistakes which led to it.

Aaron B (ru) wrote: The fantastic cast does their best with a so-so script.

Ted W (it) wrote: Love it and good for the whole family!!

Ching L (ru) wrote: Gripping and tremendously exciting offering quite a number of unexpected plot twists along the way, very engaging.From the innocent rich Jewish girl to the enticing double agent, Carice van Houten's performance is simply mind-blowing. Intelligent, beautiful and sexy-to-the-bone, van Houten is amazing in the film. The romance, the treachery, such a complex and intricate film.

Ethan C (nl) wrote: I don't feel anything for this movie. There was absolutely nothing to this movie. There wasn't anything I liked or disliked about it. It horribly failed to live up to the first movie.

Smashproplaya (mx) wrote: One of their most underrated.

Puja R (gb) wrote: A brilliant movie...Orlando Bloom was just spectacular. Been used to seeing him in more commercial roles but he was quite impressive here. Wish he would do moresuch roles in future...

Tasos L (ru) wrote: Great landscapes and acting...

Jeremy P (br) wrote: I don't even know where to start with this. The acting is horrible, the script is horrible and the musical score is god awful.

Paul C (jp) wrote: This had some laughable parts. But there wasn't really too much to the movie. Eric Idle and John Cleese did a good job though.

Bradley H (jp) wrote: Sweet, funny little charmer that's very well acted and surprisingly touching.

Katie L (br) wrote: i loved this as a kid it was brilliant kids tv

Kayla K (ca) wrote: Get Crazy is my new favorite new years party! It's like the very Muppet Christmas where they are trying to save the theater but only with a people cast instead. They're all there, Kermie, Miss Piggy, Animal, The Electric Mayhem, Punk rockers, blues kings, magically appearing drug dealing robots, evil dudes with helicopters, and Lou Reed!!!! __________________________________________ 2/24 It only gets better with re-watchings!!!

Tasos L (ag) wrote: Pure and simple..Nothing more is needed..