In the Name of the People

In the Name of the People

In the Name of the People is a 1985 documentary film directed by Frank Christopher about the Salvadoran Civil War. The film follows four filmmakers who secretly entered El Salvador, marched with guerrillas across the country, and followed them into combat against government forces in San Salvador. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Four filmmakers secretly entered El Salvador to follow a guerrilla movement going in combat against military forces run by the government during El Salvador's civil war. This socialist ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Perrine B (fr) wrote: Their escape was just the beginning.En 1941, un groupe de prisonniers s'chappe d'un goulag en Sibrie pour tenter de rallier l'Inde et de gagner leur libert. Sur plus de 4000 miles, leur priple va les confronter des climats extrmes et va leur infliger de dangereuses preuves.Peter Weir (Truman Show, Master and Commander ...) nous livre ici un voyage impressionnant avec pour but ultime la libert des protagonistes. Avec le communisme des pays de l'Est qui enfermait des gens pour des raisons parfois aussi ridicules que d'avoir jou un rle dans une pice de thtre qui ne plait pas, on comprend le sentiment de rvolte qui pouvait rgner et donner le courage de s'vader. Vcu au travers des yeux de Janusz (Jim Sturgess), l'expdition va voir ces hommes souffrir du froid, de la chaleur, de la faim, de la soif, de blessures diverses, mais jamais du dsespoir. Les paysages traverss sont magnifiques, et le rcit nous donne envie de connatre la suite. On peut cependant reprocher un manque de dveloppement de certains personnages, et surtout une fin un peu expdie. ****SPOILER : mettre autant de temps pour atteindre l'Himalaya, puis traverser les montagnes en plein hiver en quelques minutes de film, et montrer vite fait Janusz qui rejoint sa femme 50 ans plus tard... dommage !**** FIN SPOILER.

VJ H (gb) wrote: A good documentary that is ruined by Morgan Spurlock's out of control ego.

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Carole S (it) wrote: I had watched this a LONG time ago. Prolly a year or two after it came out. Well, one of Boyfriend co-worker's suggested he watch this...and thus we did. I felt bad and let him pick this movie, but I'd seen it and I was MEH about it before. Again, its okay. FUNNY as hell, but not something I can watch a million times.The funniest part of the this film is that is spares no feelings (Like the show 'South Park') and spares no one. The main target of this film is America and the late North Korean leader. WHICH, I shall add, did not bitch about this film when it came out. >_> Sure he was "offended", but he didn't care enough to freak out like his baby son when a film was made about him. Sighs.ANYWAYS, I digress.Even though it is funny as hell, it embarrasses and angers me once in a while BECAUSE It is SO true about many of the Americans in this country. Its so sad. People are idiots and there is nothing I can do about it.The most iconic moment of the movie is the song, "AMERICA...F*&^ YEAH!" CLASSIC! I love it. Every time it came on I danced and sang along. Yes, its making fun of the Americans I hate, but damn, I love it. The puppets were creepy....super creepy. Why did they have to use puppets? Symbolism, perhaps? We are all puppets? BUT WHY MAKE THEM BLINK???????? UGH. Creepy. I think I would have liked this film better if it was a cartoon instead; like the 'South Park' cartoon style. Just my opinion.My biggest annoyance with this film is some of the scenes. They were so cheesy and not really needed. It took away from the film I believe. In the end, DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN under the age of 14 watch this film. It's R for a reason. Lots of swearing, raunchy jokes, and so forth. There were some scenes that bogged down the movie and I hated the puppets, but overall, it was just a funny movie to watch when you are bored or need to laugh about the idiots of the world. Out of five stars, I stamp this with 3 stars.Favorite Character(s): MATT DAMON! HAHAHAHA!Not-so Favorite Character(s): Sarah Re-watch?: No....unless it was on someone's TV already and I came over and had no choice.

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