In the Name of the Pope King

In the Name of the Pope King

In 1867, with Garibaldi's forces close to bringing Rome into the Italian kingdom, Monsignor Colombo da Priverno, a world-weary judge on the papal court, wants to resign, disgusted by the ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:religion,   guilt,   roman,  

In 1867, with Garibaldi's forces close to bringing Rome into the Italian kingdom, Monsignor Colombo da Priverno, a world-weary judge on the papal court, wants to resign, disgusted by the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eliabeth M (es) wrote: This was a heart wrenching story i cried

Bill B (fr) wrote: This was a film that I grabbed as a blind buy from a pawn shop after hearing numerous positive reviews of it from online acquaintances, and I have to say, it really fit the bill as a children's homage to Spaghetti Westerns. Fun stuff and well put together, I will happily revisit this one at some point in the future.Give it a rental, recommended.

Adam R (gb) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my mid-twenties)

Cody M (ru) wrote: Two mediocre, cheap-feeling stories mar this return the B5 universe, missing the epic, lived in feeling of the series and the complex relationships that made it stand out. Boxleitner is a pleasure as Sheridan, but everyone else is phoning in their preformances in front of some iffy blue screen sets. Not as bad as Legend of the Rangers or the abortive Crusade, but the series deserves better than this offering.

Matt S (fr) wrote: Kerry Washington & Anthony Mackie should have received more recognition for their excellent work in this indie drama about members of a Philly community in the mid-70's who are still struggling with their Black Panther past. It's not a perfect film (and I really would have liked to see more of this story fleshed out), but I have to praise Tanya Hamilton for bringing a story to life that we've rarely seen told.

dude m (fr) wrote: Only two words to describe this, fun and clever. Also, what happened to Steve Carell? He broke up with Dreamworks to make cash with Illuminati Animation.

ChillinDylan G (it) wrote: Up late with nothing on, it wasn't the worst movie I've seen but it wasn't good either. Fiennes is a severely underrated actor imo, but Lopez is not real strong. Everything is relatively predictable with the happy ending desired by many who go to this type of film.Grade = 4/10

Bruno D (nl) wrote: Star Trek: Generations is the seventh Star Trek film and the first of The Next Generation movie series. This movie doesn't seem to be getting much positive feedback but for me I thought this movie was very enjoyable. Like most of the Star Trek movies in the series it only sorta makes sense. The story is probably the weakest part of the movie but the cast and their performances holds it up for me. I liked that we got to see the torch be passed from one saga to the next. It was cool seeing the original crew then after some certain events happen it fast forwards about 80 years and we get to see what The Next Generation crew is up to and its rather enjoyable. Everything with Data was fantastic as well. It was cool to finale see Kirk and Picard meet and work together for the greater good. The send off for Kirk I feel was handled very well. Yes it seems depressing that he falls at the hands of a bridge instead of in his chair in battle with his enemies but the subtlety of it I feel is what made it emotional. He was with Picard and not his crew which made it all the more sad to see him go. The movie gets a pass from me just off peer nostalgia. Overall it was an enjoyable Trek film but it does have its faults like every movie does. 4/5

Glynne W (gb) wrote: The funniest/shit/brilliant film I've ever seen.

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Mark D (ag) wrote: awesome movie! when's number 2 out???