In the Pit

In the Pit

A portrait of the construction workers involved in building the second deck of Mexico City's Periferico freeway.

A portrait of the construction workers involved in building the second deck of Mexico City's Periferico freeway. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Todd S (ag) wrote: By now, everyone knows that I hate these camcorder films, because they are lazy and don't really have much of a story to them, but there is an exception to that rule, and that is the TV show Cops. Police work comes with natural real life drama and action, in this instance the script really does write itself, so I was okay with it being used for a film like this. I just wish it had been done more naturally. I understand that the film takes place in a gang infested area of L.A. and that they needed to make it more dramatic and action packed for it to succeed in theaters, but you talk about going over the top. That's where Director, David Ayer comes in, after all gangs and going over the top are his specialty. End of Watch does have some great chase scenes and some really cool moments between partners, but for the most part it's just one non-stop explosion filled gun battle after another, making Los Angeles look like Fallujah. The point of view cameras do give us an interesting look at the action and some new perspective into how it's all made, which I thought was really cool, but I mean the lack of story line and constant shooting was beyond ridiculous. I'm some what surprised they'd didn't just go full on crazy and release the whole thing in 3-D.

Ashley R (de) wrote: When I first saw this movie I was blown away. Not only is it steamy and erotic, but its a beautiful, movie of passion and love. Also of betrayal and heartbreak. I highly recommend this beautiful movie.

Antonio A (it) wrote: Was a good movie overall and had you wondering what was going to happen next..

Mitsuaki U (ca) wrote: This movie kind of makes me wish I grew up in Japan instead of the US.. I wouldn't have missed out on all the cool stylized angst these teens go through in this movie. Believable characters, memorable emotional scenes, awesome soundtrack, superb story. I loved it

Matthew H (de) wrote: Wasn't the best thriller, and was predictable most of the time. But a movie with Morgan Freeman can't be that bad right? His role in this movie with Ashley Judd's capable performance makes this a decent flick, but don't think too hard.

Justin A (mx) wrote: Once the unnecessary paranormal stuff stopped and it became a whodunnit akin to Rear Window/Insomnia, it got much more entertaining. While the blending of genres didn't quite work and a lot of the twists just made the whole thing feel like a sloppy patchwork, I did find myself enjoying some of the well shot action bits. It was fun, although not quite well constructed.

Lui Alfredo S (jp) wrote: Remarkable documentary about the 1st terrorist act to be broadcast live. Unfortunately, it was neither the only one nor the worst one.

Adam T (br) wrote: GoldenEye brings a swathe of style back to the 007 franchise thanks largely to a 6 year break for the ageing spy. The movie itself is perhaps not as cohesive as some of its spectacular sequences and its uber-suave star is not showing his full hand so to speak, but it is a remarkably stylish entry in the series and excels as escapist entertainment which in a 1990's context, was sorely needed. Plaudits too for some of the most exquisite looking Bond girls in the series!

hunter i (br) wrote: Not boring, not cheesy, it looked scary, when you're getting attacked by killer mosquitos.


Hashim Ali C (jp) wrote: Another very beautiful movie by Mira Nair...not her best but still beautiful and very MMira Nairish.Sarita Choudhry as Mina was pretty good but when it came to crying she just wasn't as good as she was in Kama Sutra: A tale of Love. Denzel Washington was as good as ever!I thought that the supporting cast especially the mother and father were both played very well by their respective actors.In all a delightful, and magnificent movie about interracial love.

Byron B (de) wrote: nominated for best foreign film at the golden globes

Bronwyn K (ag) wrote: imagine reading Lolita except your expected to sympathize with Humbert Humbert, because raising a kid while also fucking them is REALLY HARD, but also at the same time Lolita kills nazis, that is this movie.